Using Christian (il)logic, didn't the Jews choose to suffer genocide by not becoming Christian earlier?

Christians say everyone chooses to go to hell because they refuse to become Christian. Doesn't this also mean the 6 million Jews who were killed chose to go to the concentration camps as well by not becoming Christian earlier or changing their identity?

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    Love your (il)logicalness!

    Wise Duck: The Holocaust didn't kill anyone. PEOPLE living in a Christian culture killed 6 million Jews in addition to 6 million non-Jews. In the judgment of Konrad Adenuaer, first chancellor of the Federal Republic, writing in 1946: “The German people permitted itself to be nazified without offering resistance-yes, even with enthusiasm. Therein lies its guilt.”


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    What do you mean by,"not becoming Christian earlier. I they are jews they didn't become Christians at all. The Catholic church(which is Christian) doesn't believe Jews go to hell for not being Christian. They have a way of salvation in thier religion, which they had before Christ and still have. Other religions have that too. And people with no religion, through no fault of thier own, and people of good intent who are considering God.

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    The Holocaust killed people of the Jewish ethnic group, not the Jewish religion. Christians and atheist were killed along with practicing Jews.

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    I think the new testament like the Koran should be updated and all those old parables and metaphors deleted so the modern world can march forward instead of marking time on their own graves.

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    Sadly, there are posters here on YA who do believe this, as disgusting and perverted as it is.

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    No it doesn't, the two have nothing to do with each other, but mediocre try.

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