question about west point.?

After high school i went to the citadel without applying to west point. A few of my classmates at the citadel talked me into applying last semester. However; after i sent in my paper work and was told to get a nomination i found out that it was already to late to apply for a nomination from anyone in my state. so after that i just let it set. But a couple of weeks ago west point sent me a letter saying that they were very interested in my file and were dissapointed that i did not seek a nomination, they then offered me a full ride 4 year ROTC schalarship to any college in the country with a army rotc. My question is do you think this is a really good sign that i could get in if i can get a nomination?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It sounds like the ROTC offer is good, but West Point is better. I joined the Naval Reserve while in my first, and only, year of college. Based on my entrance results and general standing I was offered a shot at Annapolis.

    I thought, no way, as I would only be able to apply for the next academic year resulting in 5 years for a four year degree. That may not be the worst mistake of my life but it certainly was one of the Dumbest!

    Take the shot. Do ROTC while processing and waiting the applications fpr West Point. Anything you learn or develop in that, 'wasted' (?) year will work to your benefit if you do get in.

    Good Luck

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