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a good job for a 15 year old?

i am 15 years old and i am smart and responsible but i cannot find a job. i have never worked anywhere before except for babysitting. i am turning 16 in 5 months and i just found out that my parents are not giving me a car or insurance. do you know anywhere that would hire me with a good pay rate?

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    You'll probably have to wait until you're 16 to get a real job anyway, since 15 and unders can't get work permits.

    Try restaurants, grocery stores, anywhere in the mall, and movie theatres. Those are places that almost always need employees.

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    Try seeing if someone in your neighborhood needs there dog walked, or if a friend of your parents has a child that needs like after school babysitting. I remember one summer I was I think 13 or 14 I babysat my next door neighbor for about 6 hours a day and as much as I did not like giving up my summer days, I made about 100 a week. Which at the time was alot. But thats alot more then can be expected in babysitting, but if you find someone kind you could make a nice chunk of change. I dont blame you for not wanting to work fast food! I would never want to either. Most i've known to work at like mcdonalds completly hated it and where treated like crap. But they will hire you at 15 if your desprate haha.

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    Try the streets i make a lot off the street 1 day i made $100 but on the weekend i make about $300- $500 Now i livin in apartment with my buddies and we are now becoming nurses well except joe he is a be druggie now

    well i hope u get some help

    But thats not good help i just like telling stories

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    i lifeguarded at a pool the summer i turned 16 and i LOVED IT. you have to get your lifeguarding & first aid certification and there is a fee for that... but it was worth it, you should contact the local red cross in your area and see when they are having classes and how much they cost (i think it was like, 50 dollars a few years ago)

    i also carhopped at sonic my senior year and i really liked that, too, because you got tips along with an hourly wage (that was 50 cents above the minimum wage at the time... so that was pretty good) i probably averaged about $10 an hour (wage + tips) and it wasn't like fast food places because you actually served your customers.

    yeah. good luck!


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    When i turned 16 i worked at a bowling ally hosting kids birthday parties. Not only was i making over min wage, but i made tips as well. There were times i was making $14/hour! Not only that, but i got awesome perks. FREE BOWLING! So if your friends and you wanted some fun activity to do and you were trying to save money bowling would be perfect for you!

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    U really cant get a job until ur 16. I tried very hard at 15 but no one would hire me.

    Source(s): I have to pay for every thing aswell
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    When I was 15, I umpired little league baseball. It is a much better rate per hour than the typical minimum wage job or paper route and it is a lot of fun.

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    Vet pays a lot and you get to work with animals( you have to clean cages though ). You could work at a movie theater or a resturant. If you don't have a car work close to home so you can ride your bike or something just in case your parents can't take you.

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    At your age...everything is going to be minimum wage, sorry. Your best bet is a bagger at a grocery store. Anything else you have to be 18 years old. Maybe you can get a cashier job at a department store but you will have to wait till your 16.

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    My advice-get a shitty (but fair paying) job. If you want a great job in 15+ years you are going to have to go to school for a long time which may become emotionally draining. Do something now that will motivate you (b/c you won't want to go back to work until your prepared) to stay in school.

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