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I was considering purchasing an AR 15 and wanted to know who makes the best one?

I dont know much about this particular firearm but shot a friends bushmaster and loved it. I want to scope one and maybe a match barrel. But I also want it to be easly adaptable to other configurations. Is it true that you can swap a few parts and change caliber? I was never especially fond of the 223 but since its so abundant then I guess it wouldn't hurt. Any advice would be greatly apreciated.

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    Armalite makes the best in my opinion. I love it. They are also some of the most expensive.

    Olympic makes some of the most affordable starting around $600 new. A local gun store nearby told me he is selling many Olympic arms to police officers. That says a lot to me. If those who know when they need it that it could be life or death and they trust them they are probably a good weapon.

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    Dont try to drive yourself crazy figuring out which brand is best... Rock River Arms, DPMS and Bushmaster make fine rifles..... Call them for a print catalog..... Buy one that has the features you want at the price that fits your budget..... Yes you can swap parts, different uppers with different lowers BUT I DO suggest you stay with the same manufacturers. Yes you can swap items from different companys but until you get intimately familiar with these rifles stay within the same brand. DPMS offers several different calibers if you want to mix and match so that company would be a good start... ALSO go to They have a better answer board for AR15's than yahoo offers here...... Hope This Helps!!

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    Well, you can't go wrong with a Colt! I have a Bushmaster carbine and have been delighted with its performance. Its a farm gun, so it gets its share of abuse, but is still a strong performer. I've been a little unhappy with the configuration that I purchased, but not the gun its self ( i would have chosen the flattop model vs. the carry handle one., for the ability to easily put on scopes/accessories).

    I've also seen good things from the Rock River and the Olympic arms AR 15, from friends who have those weapons.

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    No AR-15 is an assault rifle. AR-15s are never fully-automatic and assault rifles always have a fully-automatic option. Now an M4a1 chambered in .22? Depend. .22 IS a rifle round.. So I suppose you could call it an assault rifle. As for "assault WEAPON" that's a totally different definition that depends on whatever skewed definitions your state has. A bolt action hunting rifle with a barrel shroud and rigged with a front grip might be a an "assault weapon"... In such cases, caliber has nothing to do with it. It would be an assault weapon.

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    Colt is the maker of the original and what I would consider to be the best. You can swap the upper receiver to switch calibers. You can buy a upper that takes a .50cal and that alone will cost more than the gun itself. Even the .308 is priced high. So you will have quite a collection of uppers and a lot of wasted money. As far as the .223 being abundant that won't last long so if you are seeing an abundance of them you better start buying them. They were $7.90 for 20 rounds end of last summer. I just bought a box for $12.50 for Remington UMC. So that wouldn't be referred to as abundance in my book. So price it out for $12.50 you haven't even filled a single mag yet. Being that they are a blast to shoot you will go through that in no time at all. Just like when you shoot pistols 2-300 rounds takes me 45 minutes to go through. Get involved in clay trap shooting. 100 rounds of 12 Guage for $23. The Clays only cost $7 for 90 of them so you can have a blast for almost 4 or 5 hours with what it would cost you to fill less than 3 mags of an M16.

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    If price is not a factor then LWRC is bar none the best AR-15. The reason for this is that it will last longer and is more reliable. LWRC AR's use a self regulating gas piston system to cycle the bolt rather then direct impingement like all your other AR's. This is a gas system similar to the AK-47 and FN FAL, both are very reliable firearms for this reason. If you would like to see how their gas system works you can go to this link for a demo.

    Basicly with this type of system in an AR your rifle runs cooler, cleaner and it will last you longer.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): Links: Personal: 10 years firearms experience 2 years tactical firearms training with TFA.
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    i like bushmasters since they seem to be cheaper and they also have a chrome lined barrel, and yes you can change the caliber very easy to, you can go from a 223 to the new 6.8spc round just by changing the upper reveiver and buying new magazines

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    Colt is who the military uses but I don't think you'll notice any difference between that and some of the other big names.... I'd stick with Colt, Bushmaster, Stag, DPMS (Rock River Arms) and Lewis Machine & Tool... Bushmaster and Stag both provide some guns for the military but really you're just paying more money for the name with Colt. You can change what are called "uppers", basically the bolt assembly part of the gun and the barrel to a different upper in a different caliber. If you want to learn more the best place to do research is

    Source(s): Stay away from Olympic Arms, they're cheap for a reason... There's a guy in WI right now facing felony charges b/c he let a friend borrow his Olympic Arms AR-15 and it misfired and shot a 2 round burst, now the idiots in the ATF are trying to get him for transferring a "supposed" Class III firearm and owning one without a license even tho it was a gun malfunction... Screw the ATF but stay away from Olympic Arms, remember, you get what you pay for with AR's. Colts cost the most for a reason and the others we suggested are right up there with it b/c they're made better.
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    I purchased a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 a couple months back and I am very happy with it, can't go wrong with a Smith.

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