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Anyone own or Know about ALASKAN KLEE KAI dogs?

I love the way Siberian Huskies look, they are beautiful dogs. And I have read up on them, but they are too large for me I think. Then someone told me about Alaskan Klee Kais, and they are a miniature versions sorta. I heard they come in toy and miniature sizes? Does anyone know about these dogs?

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    The Alaskan Klee Kai is a UKC recognized breed. If you check on the UKC website, you'll find the breed standard and a breeders list - - there are 18 listed on the UKC site.

    It's a fairly new breed - with a somewhat narrow gene pool and and it seems that some breeders are far more serious about health issues than others -- just look at the breeder listings at and note how many do health checks.... talk to those breeders first. In addition to the common issues of hips, eyes and patellas, there is a bleeding disorder that you need to be aware of - and it can be tested for.

    In my experience with this breed, temperaments tend to vary a bit so it's a good idea to meet as many dogs and breeders as you can to decide if this is indeed the right breed for you.

    If it's at all possible, try to get to Kalamazoo MI on June 14 as there will be a specialty show in conjunction with the 15th Annual UKC Premiere show.

    Finally, the United Alaskan Klee Kai Association does have a website -- they have a breeder listing at

    Good Luck in your search!

    Source(s): UKC Licensed Judge
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    I too love the Siberian Husky, but a few years ago I was living in a condo and I knew I couldn't get a big dog. That's when I found out about the Alaska Klee Kais, and I adopted my dog, Dakota.

    If you are considering getting a Klee Kai, I promise you, it will be one of the best things you ever did. Dakota brings so much joy to my life. He is the best dog ever ( I know most people say that about their dogs, but with mine, it's really true!!) He is very loyal, and very sweet. He is a wonderful guard dog and the most loveable dog. He is also extremly smart. I think he learned, "Sit, Lay and shake" In less then 10 mins, potty training was pretty much a breeze too.

    The one thing about the Klee Kai's is that they are "Talkers" Dakota will talk when he's happy, sad, or just wants to tell you about something (I really wish I understood Klee kai talk!!)

    Another thing is that he is extremly shy in front of strangers. I think with the breed, it may take them awhile to warm up to someone new.

    I got Dakota almost 5 years ago, and since them I got married, moved into a house, and added a new friend for Dakota, and a new baby for me and my husband, a Siberian Husky (Juneau). Dakota and Juneau are the best of friends, and now I realize that I will always want both Klee Kais and Siberian Hukies in my life :o)

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    I am an AKK breeder.The breed is about 35 years old now, and an accepted breed by UKC and ARBA. There are three sizes, toy, mini and standard with none of then exceeding 17 inches at the withers. They come in black and white, grey and white and red and white, with red being the hardest to come by and grey being the easiest. They are smart, quick independant thinkers, escape artists, and tend to be glued to their people. They are very vocal, with talking screaming and barking. They eat very little and do best with upper grade food. There are health issues in this breed just as there are in every breed. But most of us are working on weeding out the worst of the problems and working around the lesser problems. The gene pool is still small because we are picky about who we allow to breed. They must have as near to perfectly balanced masks as well as porportioned markings. This is a great little breed and I wouldn't trade any of mine for the world.

  • Like someone said, they are fairly new to being known as an official breed. They are pretty similar to huskies in care. As far as I know it, there are standard, miniature and toy sizes, but even the standards are pretty small.

    Here are some sites:

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    I know this is a fairly recently developed breed, but I don't know too much about them. Several years back, dog fancy did a special on them.

    You'll want to find out if these dogs simply look like huskies, or if they act like them too.

    I think they're very pretty dogs.

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    It is a personal choice. Both genders can have wonderful personalities and I have not noticed a big big difference other then girls have seemed just a tad bit easier to train... That could all just be my personality too though. Get one based on the personality when you go to pick it out. Don't have any prejudice. I got a male shih tzu and everyone was like oooh but we like girls and now I love him because he is such a fiesty little fella. The last one we had was a girl and she was just shy and quiet.

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    From what i understand they were bred down from the huskys and there is a waiting list for most breeders and they are quite expensive.

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    They're like... mini huskies! Ohh soo CUTE!!!

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    Not much is known yet as their pretty new.

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