What advice can you give about this disagreement? Who do you aree with ?PLZ HELP?

Mother: She feels like F**k Certified Nursing Assistants not all but the majority and shes also like for someone to be a Certified Nursing Assistant for longer than 5 years is a fool and they must not have a brain to wipe *** as a career.She's like me being 21, with no children, and in nursing school that's why people are jealous of me that I work with and how I talk like a CNA because Im very close minded.Also she felt like when going to a job its title first when applying not because of any other reasons.

Daughter: I feel this way people should all be treated with dignity and it doesn't matter how long someone has been in a career who am I to judge someone. The thing about people being jealous of me because im young in nursing school is one thing but what she don't realize is people are jealous of people for no reason at all it basically because of their character. I told my mother I am a person first and when I go to a job interview I am selling myself because I make a difference whether or not I get the job not only based on me being a nurse.


My mother is a LPN and im in nursing school to become a RN

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    okay i am 16 and right now taking clinicals to be a CNA and there is nothing wrong w/ it. i plan to be a RN but being a CNA is great! if it's something u enjoy then do it...from experience it makes me feel good when i can help someone even though somethings are quite grotesque...its ur life. and as for being to young ur never to young. f*** what other people say/think don't hold urself back to make others feel good about themselves. :)

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    and you are not applying for a RN why?

    CNA is ok

    but RN is where it's at money and career wise..

    but as for your mother and swear words....

    how old is she? is she divorced ( most likely )?

    sounds like she is bitter to be starting all over again at her age

    hence her anger attitude

    it's your life

    you choose what ever career choice you want

    just choose wisely and not out of rebellion as so many daughters do to piss of their parents

    of my concern is for you

    if you even have to question what yo are doing in life

    this means you are not yet a full adult capable of making a life choice

    maybe then under this context your mother is right

    and that would be sad....

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