what does CTT change to in the mRNA codon and tRNA anticodon?

i know c--> G

but what does t--->?

in mRNA

basically what does CTT change into mRNA an then tRNA? i'm very confused

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    CTT changes to GAA. in RNA, it is c=g and a=u. the T's would still pair up with A's. in tRNA, it would be CUU because the a now pairs with a U. U (uracil) is chemically similar to T (thymine). the amino acid carried by a tRNA molecule with and anticodon is Leucine.

    following the path of a T can be confusing, but remember, if you see a T in DNA, it will be an A in mRNA and a U in tRNA and if you see an A in DNA it will be a U in mRNA and remain an A in tRNA. C and G don't change into other nucleotides.

    Source(s): my bio textbook
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    T --> A --> U

    CTT --> GAA --> CUU

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