How do I get started in web-design or find trainee positions. Where are these advertised/any other hints?


I am currently employed in a basic admin position which I only took after finishing my degree in order to get some money in, and then ended up staying in due to having a child. I am now feeling very fed-up and have always wanted to work in IT, preferably web design. I have done some courses in HTML and javascript and found it straightforward, but do not feel confident enough in it to to apply for normal web design positions, and obviously don't have the experience required. I'm willing to drop my wage to go for some kind of trainee position, or work alongside someone with more experience to help me learn the basics in real-life situations.

Can anyone please direct me to any helpful websites or give me any other insight? Are these jobs advertised in normal papers or only in particular places? Is it ever possible to do this part-time, or would I have to go full-time? Are there any government etc. schemes to help people change careers into IT?

Many thanks for your time!

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    It seems kind of difficult. I was into web technologies major for a while and was in your boat... there are plenty of web design positions available around the area but all require Java, PHP, and other languages while all I'm familiar with is HTML and javascript.

    To get a high paying position at some company, you probably need to learn more database languages and programming other than HTML. But you can build web pages for people freelance for some supplemental income in the meantime. Just be up front that you don't do extensive programming, only page design/html, etc.

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    Have you tried all the relative websites, there are some that are dedicated to listing IT jobs only? Off the top of my head -

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    step 1:

    learn basics of c lang

    step 2:

    learn basics of java(oops concept)

    Youtube thumbnail



    learn basics of c#

    note: dont go into c++ u will get confused

    since its not single inheritance.

    step 3:

    learn sql (data base)

    well this are the very basics if u have any questions pls ask, you will get very good tutors, above mentioned are very only few examples.

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