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1999 Ford Escort Performance Chip?

i noticed a chip on ebay that says will give 65+ horsepower and torque and an added 20+mpg fuel economy plus a few other bonuses .... im not stupid i know these numbers are bullshit but for $15.64 i figure just an add of 5mpg is worth it these days at 3.20 a gallon so i was wondering if anyone has one of these or something similar or knows about how these work and what i can expect to gain or lose with this chip... im soon to be working on this car(a ford escort wanst my first choice but i like the idea of someone making fun of my for trying to "act hard" in a ford escort and then blow them away in the quarter mile ) i figure on my limited budget a slight increase in power and gas mileage to start this project is a good 15 dollar investment if i can find a good estimate of actual performance of this chip ......... also an unrelated exhaust question it is a ford so im tryning to give it a lil american muscle flavor the question is Flowmaster or Borla?


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    Some of these chips do actually provide immense bonuses to your car.

    What they dont tell you is althought it can improve speed, acceleration, mpg and even handling to some extents the way it does this wears your cars parts out quicker via a small electrical current that it emmits.

    For low priced very well equip ecu chips and improvement car chips.

    check out:


    I bought a chip called the "isv" from there for £65. Its now fitted on my rangerover sport and increases the miles per galon buy roughly 20. It also gives a slight boost in acceleration, comes with a 5year warranty and stops things like the radio and heated seats consuming as much petrol by overflowing the stem lines and reducing airtake.

    Basically, a cheap way to improve your car without risking damage.

    Also another gr8 tip for you would be to fill up your fuel tank, drive a few miles or KM so the petrol is warm and add a bag of caster sugar. This help thicken the petrol and creates vapours which condensate back into petrol. Its totally legal, cheap and will basically give you about 10% more petrol.

    I know it sounds crazy but these are the kinda tips and hints you pick up after working and owning car garages for years.


    p.s. neither, if your wanting to increase the torque, get a nice sound and really ad some muscle. avoid street racing perfromance exhausts.

    go down your local grage or repairs shop and ask them if they sell and fit "BORE" pipes. it connects right up, will increase airflow and can fit you with a pressure switch so that u can cut airflow and make your car shake slightly while in first gear via a switch they fit in the front of the car.

    all legal, and about £45, + £30 for fitting.

    Another tip for u i guess. :) x

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    I believe that car has an aluminum engine. And spark plugs are made of steel. so you have two different metals joined together. Another problem is that whomever put the spark plugs in initially did not pay attention to the torque specfications and overtightened them. But here and now you still have to remove them. You have to use a socket and a breaker bar nad hope for the best. Or you could hire a mechanic who would use a socket and a breaker bar,,and you could both hope for the best.

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    Check summit or Jegs.

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