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Period pain during pregnancy?

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I am 5 weeks pregnant and experiencing quite impressive period like pain.It is constant ad painful. I feel like my period willcome any second. Very scared something is wrong. Dont ...show more
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  • dma answered 6 years ago
slight cramping and gas pains are quite normal at this stage...dehydration is not good and can cause cramps so drink plenty of fluid. If you start to bleed...especially heavy and/or clots most likely a miscarriage...go to ER
just rest, drink fluid and wait to see what happens. you cant stop it if it is a miscarriage so just make yourself as comfortable as possible. good luck.


pregnant and have had a miscarriage

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Thank you for your answers. Will see a doctor asap.
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  • Mommy to Boys answered 6 years ago
    Well you might be okay for now, as it could be anything from gas to miscarrying. If you see one spot of blood though you should go to the ER. I'd go to the ER now if I were you, but I do understand that this isn't always an option for some women. I went to the ER for cramps early in my pregnancy and it turned out to be a really bad UTI. It really wasn't what you'd consider a normal emergency but I still had 2 weeks before my first prenatal visit. Honestly when pregnant nothing should be considered a waste of anyone's time.

    Good luck and congrats!
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  • Gi answered 6 years ago
    I am currenty 8weeks pregnant i experienced a severe abdominal cramps on my 4-5 weeks , i though my period is coming too..but when i went to check whats wrong i found out i am pregnant...the pain starts me like a week before my period suppose to come and a week after that...i also had breast pain too...now i dont have the cramps ...it will go off by itself...i was taking so many pain relievers before i knew i was pregnant..
    Good luck and congrats!


    personal experience
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  • tessa answered 6 years ago
    well i had the same pain and you never know it may not be a waist of time easing your feelings is allot better then feeling like some thing is wrong if you guys have an urgent care where you live then go there if not just go to ER youll feel much better knowing whats going on
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  • ~Love my kids~ answered 6 years ago
    I would call... it could be normal... but its better to be safe than sorry... you arent wasting their time... they are paid to help! They would rather you call than something to be wrong and you ignore it! I wouldnt stress just call them :) Congrats on the baby and good luck!!


    mommy to a 2 week old- Levi
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  • Amy S answered 6 years ago
    If you are pregnant and have pain- don't ever think that the ER would be annoyed with you and think you are wasting your time. You are not.
    Pain like that during pregnancy, at anytime is not something to guess at.
    Pregnancy should not be this painful, as you described.
    Now- are you bleeding at all? Do you feel nauseous, generally tired? If not, then perhaps it is nothing- but a call to your doctor might not be a bad thing.
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  • that girl answered 6 years ago
    I'm 4.5 weeks and I have the same thing going on...feels like period cramps. I think it is normal, but I plan to make sure at my next appt. Good luck.
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