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14 year old birthday party...?

ok well im trying to find out something to do for my party.....uhm its going to be for girls and do u guys have any ideas for a mature 14 year old birthday party?

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    Hi here are some great themes

    Sapphire party have all your guests dress in a shade of blue (like you more common sapphire) then you wear yellow (like a rear sapphire) in this event all eyes will be on her. Then you can have a d.j., and dance the night away if you don’t want to dance then throw a fashion show with a runway and everything (have our you go on last)

    Crazy color theme: go to a party city or just an average party supplies store and look at their solid table wear pick three to four really bright colors then buy table an even number of table clothes in each color then divide the colors you use for your cups plates forks ect. ( also with those same colors find the streamers to match and just go wild with them, also find the balloons to match then take one of each color and separate them one closest to the table then the next a lil higher, then the next just a lil higher and so on for your centerpieces much like this ( but separated if you look at the website that this picture came from you will see what I am talking about…then hve your guest dress in a whole bunch of crazy color and collect a dollar from everyone at the door and award the craziest dressed person with the money

    Candy land: your color palet should be pinks and baby blues and light pastel like yellows your food table should look like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory you should wear either bright colors or get really into it and wear…

    wizard of oz: have you color pallet be powder blue and white with splashes of red…

    also have a yellow brick road instead of a red carpet…gather a group of vip people and have them wear

    medical theme: have the whole place be red and white: and have the male guests dress like doctors and the female guests dress like nurses (

    ( this website is used through out this answer but you may need to find a place that offers these things in your area

    Pirate: have everyone dress up like pirates have your décor be mostly grey black and white then randomly throw in red. On the website given they have a whole bunch of pirate themed bouncers and such but if you look at the play spaces and combos they have one that Is an actual pirate ship so check that out. Also you could have a treasure hunt with clues like…enter through the passage way to find a room that will hear a boom when you pop the pink balloon…hide the pink balloon and you will have already put your next clue inside before you blew it up.

    Carnival: have carnival games like the these: buy really cheap lil fish and put them in red cups with water obviously fill clear cup with just water and the fill green cups with water and a small prize and scatter them on a table outside…buy a piece of cork board and pin balloons by their tails make them stand back and throw darts trying to pop one if they do give them a prize also look into the entertainers section of that website they have clowns magicians and face painters all typical things at a carnival. Also look into getting a dunk tank. All of their carnival games look fun as well

    Hollywood: get a red carpet they have those at party city, make it like an award ceremony and hand out a survey filled like who here has the best smile, eyes, laugh ECT. Count the votes and give awards to the winners. Then have a dj and just dance.

    Club: ok well I suggest you make it a glow in the dark club buy a black light and tell your guests to wear white then hand out glow sticks, necklaces, and bracelets anything turn off the lights and just have your black lights on and possibly a strobe light then let the dj play music and you guys dance

    Luau: hand out lays at the door and make smoothies or virgin frozen fruit prinks also have a lot of fruit try fruit kabobs they look so cute. Then play Hawaiian version games like toss the pineapple and such. The Hawaiian dancers could be cool and they could teach you guys how to but they may be pricey

    Hannah Montana: they make plates, cups, napkins ECT. In a Hannah Montana pattern then tell you gests to dress like Hannah Montana, then have them do karaoke and dance a lot…then when they are going to bed have some Hannah Montana episodes prerecorded

    Masquerade: buy little masks from party city and then buy a whole bunch of feathers and jewels then have them decorate their own mask then have them do a fashion show wearing their masks then give a prize to the girl or boy with the best mask!


    well maybe you guys can go get your hair done in up-dos (master-cuts has cheap but nice up-dos) or your nails done then go back to your house and do karaoke and watch movies an veg. out and you can always talk about boys (and if you don't want to go out or pay to get your nails or hair done then just do each other’s hair and nails...also buy a couple of those plain sleeping masks you can probably find them at Claire's and buy lots of jewels and sequence and each of you decorate a mask

    if its all girl break them off into groups and give them a budget and have them pick from a bag filled with events that need objects and all white party outfit with earnings and a necklace for a size medium shoes size 6 and a half the wining team gets to pick one of the items from any of the teams creations for themselves you get to keep the rest so I suggest you make them get stuff in your size

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    If this isn't 2 expensive than rent a hotel room for your slumber party. I have had a beach party for the past 2 years and it has been really fun. But it depends on when ur bday is. Also you could go see a movie and out 2 eat at some yummy resturant! Also it might be fun 2 have a themed dance bday party like black and white, or 70s theme, or hollywood theme or something like that! Good Luck

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    Do a themed party. Retro themes like the 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's are always a goer. All you would need is the food from that decade and music from that deacde which most parents have since they lived around that time. Some little kiddy games are also go well like pass-the-passel. I mean who doesn't like pass-the-passel you get prizes! If you have a pool get out the pool toys and go for a swim and put on movies for the ones who don't want to swim. Trust me I have done all this before.

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    You could have a pool party if your birthday is in a few months. You could also have like a cook out in your back yard with everyone, maybe play some music and watch movies or something. You could go to the skating rink or some kind of amusement park that is near you. hopefully this will help you think of some other ideas. good luck with your party! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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    Do a gossip girl themed party! Have everyone dress up like someone from gossip girl (blair, nate, chuck, serena, etc.). Have your party be either the Kiss on the Lips party from the show or the Masquerade party from the show. Serve club soda in plastic wine glasses with olives, cheese platters, etc. For music, play the music from the show, which you can find at:

    Ask everyone to dress and act in character (if they need advice, direct them to the website in which they can find character information and even watch episodes). If everyone acts in character, your party is bound to get... interesting. (If you've seen the show, you know what I mean). Just don't act too much in character (too young for how they party).

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    well if you have a finished basement you could have it down there. just decorate it a little. put some music on and people could dance and have fun. for food you could put little finger foods like chips and fruit cabobs and stuff like that it will turn out fun trust me that's what i did and everybody had fun. Now for the cake you could get the icing in your favorite colors you name could be in one of your favorite colors. all of it will be fun. me and my friend did this it was so fun. hope your party is fun. oh yeah for the people that are going to be there have couples there and and then you should have half and half for boys and girls.

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    I highly recommend bowling.It is awesome!You can go for pizza before or after that.You said the party is for guys and girls.Well, I recently went to a bowling party that was for girls 1st.Then some of our guy friends found 1 of the invitations and wanted to come.=).So, to me it seems like both will like the idea.Everyone could meet up at CiCi's,Pizza Hut,Papa John's,Dominos, or (if you've got one nearby) Hungry Howie's.Hope I helped. =).

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    u should go to like a water park in the summer

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    do u have a rollerskating place near you?

    or bbq /dance party

    swimming party

    movie and bbq? happy b/day*!

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