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Math question! About polynomials...?

A degree 4 polynomial with integer coefficients has zeros -4-2 i and 1, with 1 a zero of multiplicity 2. If the coefficient of x^4 is 1,

then the polynomial is ___________

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    The complex roots come in conjugate pairs. So the roots are

    -4-2i and -4+2i.

    The other roots are 1 and 1.

    So the polynomial would looks like

    (x-(-4-2i)) * (x-(-4+2i)) * (x-1)^2


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    Well, since the coefficients of the polynomial are real numbers, then the root -4 - 2i, has its conjugate pair as a root also, i.e.

    -4 + 2i

    ((x - 1)^2)(x + 4+2i)(x + 4 - 2i)

    Multiply this out, and you will get a fourth degree polynomial with real integer coefficients.

    x^4 + 6x^3 + 5x^2 - 32x + 20

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    if -4-2i is zero then -4+2i is a zero

    if x=1 is a double zero


    your polynomials is




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    First, you find all of the zeroes.

    (complex numbers have conjugates)

    (-4-2i), (-4+2i), (+1), (+1)

    Then, you make it into the factored form of the polynomial.


    Then you multiply it out.



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    4 isn't a polynomial

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    #'s are everlasting they never end and a polynomial is in the 4th power an on & on & on 00000000000000000

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    the answer is: STOP CHEATING- do your homework on your own.

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