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If you buy xanax online will they send you to jail?

I know its illegal, but will they acctually come after you and put you in jail for only a couple pills?


ugg...not the answers i wanted to hear

Update 2:

if you will got to jail for how long? and how much of a fine?

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    Chances are if you order from Canada not likely. We have had major issues with so called "internet" pharmacies in my area selling prescription drugs to US customers. The catch is that if your US Dr. gives you a Rx for a drug, a "prescription broker" then forwards a fax of it to one of the internet pharmacies, who have licensed Dr's on their payrolls to "review" the prescription, and then countersign it making it a legal prescription in your name in Canada. The pharmacy then dispenses it, and ships it to your home by UPS,FEDEX,etc. they avoid the USMAIL however as the postal laws clearly prohibit the shipment of drugs through it.

    This was a very popular way for US consumers to get access to cheaper Canadian pharmaceuticals a few years back, in fact a MN Senator even sponsored day bus trips to Canada for US Seniors to be able to get their meds this way, hoping to change legislation in the US regarding prescription drug costs and coverage.

    With the CDN $ being pretty much at par with the US $ these days you don't hear about internet pharmacies much anymore, but I still pass one on my way into work each day. And the building is huge!!

    Source(s): Me: A LEO for 22+ years, and a S/Sgt. for the past 7. Counting the days 'til retirement! Yahhh Baby!!! :-)
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    You can't. There are a lot of people that will happily take your money, but they are all scammers. If you did get any pills from them, you could not trust them to be good. They could be contaminated, counterfeit, expired, etc. Worse - some of these online scammers trying to sell you pills will call you back in a few weeks and say they are a detective with a warrant for your arrest for buying pills illegally, and if you don't send them a LOT of money, you go to jail. They add more scams to their scams once they have your name and address. Worse - if the person actually did send you pills, there is a good chance they would get busted, and when they do the police have your name and address and the next thing you know the police are knocking on your door to ask you about buying illegal drugs online. Sorry, friend, you cannot get xanax online safely. Bite the bullet, go see your doctor, and get a prescription. It is dirt cheap this way, a month supply, thirty tabs, for about ten bucks.

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    Xanax Online

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    Cheap Xanax online =>

    Xanax really helps with my anxiety. The downside is that it only lasts for a couple hours before it wears off. I once took too much Xanax apparently (don't remember the dosage), and I hallucinated. I ended up seeing a giant ball of writhing worms crawling out of the wall. Very weird. I don't recommend suddenly taking a large dose of Xanax if you haven't been on it for a while first. Strangeness will ensue.

    When taking .5 mg of Alprazolam i feel very relaxed(not tired) and i am even able to concentrate and learn. I also feel kinda euphoric and confident what is commonly very rare. Therefore it helps me indeed for my severe depressions. However it sometimes makes me sleepy a couple of hours after taking it. I got Tavor(Lorazepam/Ativan) in the clinic and it only made me dizzy and tired but didnt feel any benefits from it compared to Xanax. I take .5 - 1mg Xanax per day since about 3 weeks but im not sure wheather i should continue because i read that it could affect cognitive behavior in a bad way, especially memory loss which is anyway a big issue for me. So what would you say, should i continue taking it?Im also on Citalopram(20mg) since about 3-4 weeks and i dont feel any difference.

    I already purchased a box of Xanax. I am very afraid of everything I am hearing about the effects of withdrawing from it. But I don't want my money to go to waste either (I don't have medical insurance so I pay for my meds). I would like to finish the box I got before I switch to something else. Do any of you think that if I take Xanax only 2-3 times a week until I finish the box it'll be a problem once I stop? I am only taking .5 mg. I was told that the dose I got is so low that it shouldn't be a problem and to use it as needed.

    He ends up being short at the end of the month and doesn't want to give me anymore. It gets to the point where I have full blown panic attacks in banks and I was at the drivers license center to get my picture taken and had one and told my 7yr old son to wait in the room we were in cause I had to go in the bathroom and splash water on my face and try to calm down. I left him sitting there alone for about 10 minutes.

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    First off, I started out back in 2011 on two 1mg xanax a day and then within 2 months, I was being given 120 1mg each month. They were given to me for anxiety and panic disorder. I still take them till this very day and yes, they do take a little from your normal life but then again, they help you, in my case anyway. I'm currently filing for disability because I really don't like being around people unless I know them personally and I can even do without being around them. Holding a job (which involves being around people) is something that I just can't handle. Has nothing to do with being lazy either. I don't do any other drugs and I despise drinking. I have a son that's 9 years old and I do good with him. I am a single father and have been raising him on my own since he was 1 1/2 and that's something that just comes naturally.

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    For a couple pills?

    How about one pill?

    What would happen if a drug dealer put up a website to sell Xanax? He would get many names. Imagine that he was caught in a burglary. To remain out of jail, he enters a plea bargain. He offers the name of online people, in exchange for the dropping of charges.

    He does not go to jail.

    You do.

    Prior to doing something you will later say was stupid,

    answer one question from Professor Wonderful:

    Do you really want to live in a gated community?

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    Best answers on this site -

    Xanax can definitely help stabilize me. I started this most recent bout with anxiety about 4 months ago and for about 2 months Xanax really helped to mitigate the effects of my panic attacks, until Lexapro took over. The one thing I would suggest is to take it easy, only take it as needed and try to get the lowest dosage possible. For some reason they started me out on 1 mg xanax this time and that was way too much for me (I'm a big guy too, 6'3" 220 lbs) .25 mg worked just fine if I was having an attack. The way I view Xanax is as a bridge to more lasting treatment such as an SSRI, a replacement SSRI if yours has pooped out or as a bridge to CBT. It's really tough when I'm in the thick of it with panic attacks, I end up having them because I'm scared of having them and I need something to break that cycle. Xanax does break the cycle long enough for me to adjust, gain a little confidence and address my treatment needs, once I'm in treatment, I get off of the xanax and things are usually a lot better, I think the way I think of it is as a pause button that targets my anxiety and allows me to take the steps I need to. Like anything you have to be responsible with it, don't take it if you don't need it and don't take more than your doctor suggests.

    I wish you luck.

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    Don't buy xanax without prescription

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    Yes you can order online from Mexico and the doctor will write you a prescription PAINCLINICMX.COM..

    I have experience with this place and have been using for 1 year now

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    If you are caught with pills that you do not have a prescription for, you will most likely be arrested. I dont think they will actually track you down from the purchase of them online, but it is very illegal.

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