vanilla mastercards dont work for online gambling?

i tryed and it wont work, was it the site or the card

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Vanilla cards dont work online AT ALL.

    I bought a 50 dollar one a couple of months ago, tried shopping online, but it wouldnt work for ANY of the sites i tried.

    So i called the vanilla customer service, and they gave a lame excuse "ohhh, im sorry"

    I found out that u cant use any card (not matter what company or brand) unless it is REGISTERED under your name.

    Vanilla doesnt offer that option, therefore, NO u cant use it online AT ALL, only retail stores ect.

    So i did a little research and found these cards called ALL ACCESS VISA GIFT CARD. What u do is register ur information on the site once u get the card of course (just name and address) and ur card is ready to be used on ANY site online instantly. u can use them online, over the phone, and in the store (best of all words).

    I bought one and used it to purchase songs on amazon. WORKED PERFECTLY and i was VERY satisfied :))))

    here's the site where u register:

    u can get them at any ace cash express

    (and u can put as much money as u want on it, but cant reload, its considered a gift card).

    the link below is the main website.

    they have many locations, just search for the one nearest u!

    make sure it is an ALL ACCESS GIFT CARD

    (not a prepaid, GIFT CARD)


  • Roger
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    1 decade ago

    It might be that the credit card company don't allow their cards to be used for online gambling... you should ask the company for confirmation on this.

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