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is this funny or the truth They Walk Among Us and They Vote!?

Some guy bought a new fridge for his house.

To get rid of his old fridge, he put it in his front yard

and hung a sign on it saying: "Free to good home.

You want it, you take it."

For three days the fridge sat there without even one

person looking twice at it.

He eventually decided that people were too untrusting of

this deal.

It looked to good to be true, so he changed the sign to


"Fridge for sale $50."

The next day someone stole it. Caution...

*They Walk Among Us and They Vote! *


One day I was walking down the beach with

some friends when someone shouted....

"Look at that dead bird!"

Someone looked up at the sky and said...


*They Walk among us and they Vote!!*


While looking at a house, my brother asked the

real estate agent which direction was north because,

he explained, he didn't want the sun waking him up every


She asked, "Does the sun rise in the north?"

When my brother explained that the sun rises in the east,

and has for sometime.

She shook her head and said,

"Oh, I don't keep up with that stuff."

*They Walk Among Us and They Vote!!*


I used to work in technical support for a 24/7 call center.

One day I got a call from an individual who asked

what hours the call center was open. I told him,

"The number you dialed is open

24 hours a day, 7 days a week."

He responded,

"Is that Eastern or Pacific time?"

Wanting to end the call quickly, I said, "Uh, Pacific" .

*They Walk Among Us and They Vote!!!*


My colleague and I were eating our lunch in the cafeteria,

when we overheard one of the administrative assistants

talking about the sunburn she got on her weekend drive to

the shore.

She drove down in a convertible, but

"didn't think she'd get sunburned because

the car was moving".

*They Walk Among Us and They Vote!!!!*


My sister has a lifesaving tool in her car

it's designed to cut through a seat belt if she gets


She keeps it in the trunk...

*They Walk Among Us and They Vote!!!!!*


My friends and I were on a beer run and noticed

that the cases were discounted 10%.

Since it was a big party, we bought 2 cases.

The cashier multiplied 2 times 10%

and gave us a 20% discount on both....

*They Walk Among Us and They Vote!!!!!!*

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    lol! great deal on last one!!

  • 4 years ago

    The fridge story reminds me of a woman I used to work with who always left her car unlocked in the hopes it would be stolen and she could claim on the insurance. The day she went Christmas shopping and filled the boot with presents she made sure it was locked and sure enough... it was stolen.

  • poppy1
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    Hi Ducky,

    Hahahahahahaha..They are all good..I really Liked the one with the lifesaving tool in her trunk..PRICELESS My Friend..

    A Star.. Hehehe..

    A Friend,


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    Ha ha ha.!!!

    Those are Excellent Chris.!!!


    Cheers mate for a good laugh.!!

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    lmao heres a star

  • 1 decade ago

    LOL. Very funny.

    Have a star =]

  • 1 decade ago

    OmG!!!!!!! that was very long i couldn't read it. sorry

  • Anonymous
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    Omg (Oh My God)

  • lol

  • 1 decade ago

    i like it


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