i get my periods once in 2months can i get pregnant within 3 months?or i need treatment?or can i go ahead?

i am married i had my last periods on january 10th and the next on march14th so i get my periods once in two months.can i get pregnant within three months on regular trying or else i need treatment?if yes what kind of treatment do i need?i am bit nervous on this.?hw can i predict my ovulation date?pls do me a favourable reply

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    Don't worry its not a problem or an issue..its very common in most of the womens so first just relax...First thing any women who is having periods can be pregnant so no problem with that...your second issue is you are not getting regular periods...in some cases (very few) some women ovulate even if they dont have regular periods...so first get it checked with a doctor.. (prefered with a fertility expert) if you dont ovulate then the first step the doc will do is bring your periods to regular may be by giving you metmorphine (glucophage) and then treat you for ovulation.. sure you can get pregnant with in 3 months if god wills its just one time you need to have intercourse to get pregnant (right time) thats when your eggs break... dont get nervous...once u start getting nervous its difficult for women to ovulate due to stress... talk to a doctor its not advicible to do your own treatment as it not only your life but also a new life that you want to bring in...

    ovulation can be calculate with so many calculators available online...but in simple way they say ovulation starts from the 5th day of your periods and your egg breaks between 15 to 19th day depending on person to person..

    Just relax and enjoy sex sure you will get pregnant ..but take an advice from an expert before having medication..

    Take care of yourself may be god bless you with a child

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    I have long, irregular periods too. I'm using the FAM method. (We are going to start trying in a few months, right now I am trying to determine if I am ovulating). I would really recommend that method, since it explains when you are ovulating and is very inexpensive. I am just using the temperature taking, because the cervical fluid method sounds a little too confusing for me right now.

    I don't know of anyone on any method who could say whether or not you could get pregnant within three months. If you are ovulating less than other women (like I maybe), it will likely take you longer than average. Average time is 1 year. I wouldn't try to get treatment after only 3 months, remember, for you that is only one ovulation. The treatment can cause other problems. Honestly, start figuring out when you are ovulating, and then try for those times. Give it more than three months.

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    You can predict ovulation using, well, ovulation predictor kits. They sell them at most pharmacies and you can find them really cheap online also.

    Sometimes it takes up to a year for couples to become pregnant so don't give up if you don't succeed in the first few months of trying. If you still haven't conceived after a year, then you should see your gynecologist.

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    see sometimes because of u not ovulating properly due to hormonal imbalance there is a chance that ur ovum is remaining in the ovary this problem is called as pco .i feel instead of asking like this u better ask a doctor coz he will guide u in detail n in proper Patten.so don't feel shy may be u don't have any prob too.doctor well check u n he will tell u better dear.

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  • dont worry divya,

    you can go to hospitals to treatment for uncomming pregnancy use i-pill

  • You need to just have sex and see how your body reacts. You need to be paying attention to your cervical mucus!

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    You need to go to a gynac for thorough check up.

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    Nothing to worry, go to hospital for regular checkup.

    i think it may be preg.

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    You should contact with DOCTOR immidiately

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    periods? whats that?

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