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你有停車的困擾嗎? 如果您對路邊平行停車也有焦慮感的話,汽車科技可以幫助您,“Self-Parking Car”,會自動停車的車子,正是市場上當紅的最新汽車科技。雖然已經有駕照了,但每次停車時還是沒有十足的把握,特別是在市區裡好不容易找到一個停車位,感覺大家都在看著你,怕自己的動作太慢會造成交通阻塞,擔心會撞到前後的車子,我想大家第一次停車都會有這樣的情形……因為我就是這樣…





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    You have parking problems? If your parallel parking on the street also have the sense of anxiety, vehicle technology can help you, "Self-Parking Car" will be automatically stopping the car, the market is the hour of the latest vehicle technology. Although there has been a driver's license, but each time stopping did not grasp the full, especially in the urban areas, is not easy to find a parking spaces, we all felt watching you, afraid of their own actions too slow will cause traffic congestion, and worried that before and after the car hit, I think we will have the first such parking situation…… This is because I…

    Most automatic parking technology used in roadside parallel parking, basically is not fully automated, driving their own people, they must gear, walk brake control speed, and so on, the car's computer will help you control the steering wheel. System operation is probably the procedure like this, you prepare like normal street parking, just as a car parking spaces in front of the stop, and then you enter the Daodang, light release the brake and the car started retrogression, as long as you Zuoding, relax automatic parking system automation power steering, the car perfectly into parking spaces, and then give you a signal system, and ask you to move forward into the stall, the car is then automatically adjusted to move back, the final system to give you a signal, telling Your car has been Tingtuo.

    Automatic parking system the most basic technology, is capable of sensing parking spaces surrounding vehicles and obstructions. Different automatic parking system used different sensing principle, the majority system in the car before and after the installation of sensors, to be received by the receiver of the time required to calculate the distance around obstacles, automatic parking system will be able to control the steering wheel, in accordance with prior good drivers driving simulation program to stop the car parking spaces.

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    BMW latest remote parking system, the driver of the car until after positioning can even go to get off, stand in the vehicle using a remote control button Navigating into parked car parking spaces, in order to avoid the occurrence of any accidents,

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    as long as driving a manual release buttons , cars will be immediately stopped.

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    as long as driving a manual release buttons , cars will be immediately stopped.

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