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還請各位大大幫忙一下下>< 點數不會吝嗇!!

內容主題:【Give some dating adive.】




還請各位大大幫我解決問題 先謝謝各位大大了><

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    A romantic date can turn into a disaster if one doesn’t spend time in preparation. Preparation for a date is crucial because it can not only assure your safety but also your pleasure. Before going out on a date, it is very important to make sure that you know who you’re dating. It is smart to ask a friend to stay close if you’re outing with a person that you’ve never met before. It is also important to let somebody, like your parents or guardians, to know about with whom and to where you are going. You can even ask the parents to check on you regularly. On the other hand, a well-thought plan eliminates the possibilities of disappointment. For example, for people who don’t like to get muddy, they don’t plan to go hiking if it’s going to rain. Another example is finding a parking can be a real bummer when going to a movie on weekends in the city. If people have thought it through in advance, they probably would want to take public transportation instead of driving. Therefore, to protect oneself and ensure the enjoyment of dating, everyone should spend time on planning before going out on a date.

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