first time visiting Stockholm, Sweden?

I'll be visiting Stockholm for the very first time in mid-April for just 3 quick days. I will be skipping over the museums and boat trips, and will walk around and explore the city on foot and by bus and subway.

I would appreciate it if somebody familiar with Stockholm could tell me the names of the places or squares or neighborhoods or streets in downtown where a tourist would want to walk around. Please give me the names of atleast 3 such places.

Just to add, i won't be visiting museums. Just tourist centers, abundant with shops, street performers, other people, clubs, bars, and so on and so forth.

Thank you in advance.


I've been told that Americans don't require a visa to visit Sweden. Only a passport is required. Is this accurate?

Will passport control also ask to see my return flight itinerary or anything else ?

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    No VISA required to Sweden from US

    I recommend you to buy the "Stockholm Card", that will give you free fares on local trains, buses, ferries etc. it also have a lot of admissions to offer......try this site

    Walk "Gamla Stan" the oldest part of town, good dining and boutique shopping on less than a sq mile......

    Sergels Torg (plaza)

    Skansen zoologic park

    Archipelago, take a boat trip

    Gröna Lund, Amusement park

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    it quite is tough to reply to, simply by fact I have not any information approximately your history. How long will you reside? I unquestionably have on no account been to Hiroshima, so I don`t know what different than the memorials are there to circulate to. Stockholm on the different area is often properly worth a circulate to, there is plenty to do and to confirm. I lived there for seven month and went exploring each and every loose minute, yet nonetheless haven`t seen all of it.

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