Who was the Worst Celebrity to appear in a Wrestling storyline?

1.David Arquette

2.Floyd Mayweather

3.Dennis Rodman

4.Pete Rose

5.Donald Trump


Everyone gets a Thumbs Up from me regardless of answer.

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    David Arquette by far was the worst celebrity to appear in a wrestling storyline. He won the WCW title and completely destroyed any credibility the WCW had left. I mean, come on, here you have a company with legends - Hogan, Savage, Flair, Sting, Luger, Page, Hall, Nash, Giant (Big Show), Hart, Hennig, Goldberg, Steiner, etc. and they gave the title to Arquette, a short skinny dude who looks he wouldn't last five minutes in a fight with a centenarian, much less a pro wrestler. They didn't let Hall or Hennig have the title or push Benoit or Jericho, but they let Arquette win the title.

    I hate David Arquette, he doesn't deserve any movie roles, esp. Cortney Cox, or to have been a WCW champ. To me, that cemented that WCW was going down.

    As for other, it wasn't as bad as Arquette but anyone remember when Chuck Norris protected Undertaker? lol.

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    While I could answer your question with any celebrity, I will go with choice 6 (Other?), and say Adam "Pacman" Jones. He didn't deserve to be TNA; He had so many problems in life, which lead to his NFL suspension, but instead of letting him stay at home, and make him learn for his mistakes, Jeff Jarrett felt sorry for him, and the two agreed to a contract. What a bunch of bull. It is wrong when stuff like this happens, because aren't poor and helpless people the ones who should be helped out, not a guy who should of have learned from his mistakes? Anyway, he destroyed of the credibility of the TNA World Tag Team Championships, even worse than Arquette destroying the credibility of the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, because all he did was pin Angle, after doing nothing (I know he couldn't actually wrestle, since it was apart of his TNA contract), which, also made Kurt Angle look bad, as well as TNA as a whole.

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    David Arquette and Donald Trump were horrible I must say. Floyd Mayweather is going up there as one of the worst. I disagree with Pete Rose though cause I think it was funny and worth it. Mike Tyson is the only other GOOD one in fact is probably the best one of alltime!

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    1 decade ago

    Probably Pete Rose & his feud with Kane between 1998 & 2000. It became pretty boring & predictable very quickly.He came out dressed as the San Diego Chicken at WM XIV before Kane's match wanting revenge for the Tombstone from last year's Mania.It didn't work & Rose got Tombstoned again.He even got the same treatment from Kane the following year at WM 2000 & also got a Stinkface from Rikishi as well.

    The angle even continued for No Mercy 2002 with a Halloween-themed commercial that saw Kane tombstone him again.For sure it was funny seeing all this.But it would have worked better as a one-off.Repeating this so often just made the storyline weak & eventually plain boring.

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    1 decade ago

    Donald Trump and Floyd Mayweathers horrible acting.

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    Kevin Federline was the worst celeb, but the worst result of a celebrity storyline was Arquette winning the WCW championship.

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    Donald trump

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    Arquette won the title. enough said.

    the pete rose tombstones were actually pretty enjoyable. So was Mike Tysons. The others were all stupid. stev-o and k-fed was among the worst though.

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    Rosie O Donnell

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    Kevin Federline

    soooo annoying

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