Anime Fans: Who would you vote for as for C&A category Anime Mom and Dad?

Ok anime question: Who is your favorite anime character who do you hate the most?

-As stated in the first question, you have to choose 2 persons that are anime fans to be OUR C&A category anime Mom and Dad, explain why!

-GENDER AND AGE DON'T MATTER (as Kyouya is the mom in OHSHC kawaii~)

-You can edit your answer as many times as you want to^^

-You can choose from your contacts or C&A regulars, as long as they're anime fans, onegai [=

-You can absolutely voye for yourselves, but only as for anime mom or only as for anime dad, why :)

I already asked this before but i got reported, i won't give up though lolXD

My votes go for:

C&A category anime MOM: lexdemon, sorry you give delicious cookies everyday ^^

C&A category anime DAD: fullmetal chick, hey sorry, you're kind of tough lol, you can vote for me as for dad too =P

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Mom: Heather W =]

    Dad: Lexdemon


    (Can I be the problem cousin? LOL)

  • 4 years ago

    Haruhi Fijoka in Ouran High School Host Club Kou Shuurei in Saiunkoku Monogatari


    Mom: Yori.... she is just WAY TOO SWEET! Only mothers can be that sweet

    Dad: I would say you... lol... you seems like you'd be the kind of person saying, "What you did was wrong, but let's not tell your mother... Our little secret, okay?"

    Favorites? I have too many favorites.... I'll try to list them later when my head doesn't hurt so much...

    Talrimk- I found the secret to avoiding trolls... email me tomorrow and I'll tell you... it's real simple...

    Looks like you're dad now, Talrimk.... XD

    Deidara- Omg, it fits you so well....

    I'm probably most like the shy cousin that doesn't show up very often...


    sure, Solcrest... do you really wanna be a "kid", though?


  • 1 decade ago


    Who is your favorite anime character who do you hate the most?

    >>Fav: Sasuke or Hitsugaya, Hate: ...

    As stated in the first question, you have to choose 2 persons that are anime fans to be OUR C&A category anime Mom and Dad, explain why!

    >>C&A Mom: Heather W? she's like the oldest regular here...

    >>C&A Dad: I choose Jazmin 'cause she is like the top contributer for C&A now.

    >>C&A Aunt: Fullmetal!! (she's gonna spoil me!!!)

    >>C&A's Problem Cousin: Light's Kira

    >> Big sis of C&A: Deidara

    >>C&A's little sis: Mee!!!

    LOL we're like turning C&A into a big family


    hey!!! isabelle what 'bout me?? can i be C&A's little sis??


    come on isabelle!!! being a little sis doesn't make me a KID does it?? *smiles widely*


    fullmetal-really??? YEH!! THEN I'M C&A'S LITTLE SIS!!!!

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  • 0_0 Why am I the father??

    Anyways...You're not tough enough to be dad :P

    Mom: >Jazmin< - She has that certain air about that screams "motherly"

    Dad: Mat, or maybe ForeverMe. I don't really know, I'm just making guesses. :P

    edit: Being an aunt already, I can tell you what I'll be like. I'll be the one that spoils the kids silly, hop them up on sugar, and then ship them home to their parents while laughing maniacally. >:D

    edit: if Solcrest is the kid, she can expect to get spoiled rotten with me. >:D

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jazmin for mom because she's probably one of the nicest on here

    Dad? I have no idea

    but Heather w and Forever me would be the crazy aunts that are really cool

  • 1 decade ago

    my favorite anime character is itachi uchiha and my least favorite is orihime inoue

    hmmm....C&A parents....i vote for jazmin as mommy!!! she is just so responsible and she is #1 on the leaderboard, that shows she is hardworking and determined, like all mommy's should be!!! but lexdemon is a good nominee too! his cookies are delicious! as for daddy.....i dont know! but i want to say mat because he is also very hardworking! other than that, i cant think of anyone.......

    you got reported for this? those trolls are evil!!!!!!!!!!

  • ?
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago

    dad~ talrimk -revenge

    mom~fullmetal chick/belle

    pyro aunt Deidara デイダラ

    >>i forgot to add jazmin as the evil sister of the cookies lol xD random. i just want to know why me and jazmin are listed up there multiple times

    Bleach Rocks!!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Can I be the big sister that everyone fears and doesn't want to piss off? Lol.

    C&A mom - Lexdemon, you right. Him and his cookies are so mother like. lol

    C&A Dad - >Jazmin<, she is the C&A top answerer now...


    Pyro aunt? LMAO XDD

  • 1 decade ago

    um fav i have too many to count but hate i can totally answer ^-^

    lenalee lee-d.gray-man

    amane misa- death note

    hinamori momo-bleach

    mastumoto rangiku-bleach

    inoue orihime-bleach


    yea i hate them all at least these are the ones i remember most recently and basically cuz they are all so useless

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