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Should I go anorexic?


I am really thinking about it. I am like 5`1 and wigh about 98 pounds. All my friends are skinny. what do i do?

Update 2:

I dont have eating issues. I just want to be small like my friends. I know what it can do to you. My great aunt went anorexic and now her arm is sick lookin.

Just plese talk me out of it. or tell me a diet that works

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    Good reasons why you shouldnt:

    1. you will lose way more weight and quicker by eating than by not eating

    2. You will be tired all the time if you dont eat

    3. then you will get grouchy and then you'll lose all your friends and be miserable

    Been there done that.

    the best thing for you to do is:

    1. Eat about 5 times a day. If your body is full and it always has food it wont store it as fat. if you dont eat then eat something the body stores it as fat becuase it doesnt think it will eat for a long tim.

    2. Eat healthy foods! Get rid of pop, sugar, salt , and breads no red meat, no egg yolk.

    Food kicks up your metabolism in turn burning fat. some good food combinations for me that makes it even higher is half a grapefruit and 3 egg whites for breakfast.

    salad and turkey

    chicken and mixed veggies.

    dont forget eat 5 meals a day every 2-3 hours.

    you'll have more energy too! i've been eating this way for 2 weeks. lost 20 pounds =D

    dont forget to exercise! walk about an hour a day. DONT RUN . just breathe in for 4 out for 2. gives your body the same effect without wearing you out.

    edit* if you only weigh 98 you have nothing to worry about though honey but if you want to like. work on your stomach and tone up ( because you are not fat , you may just think so because you arent toned) Work out on one of those big exercise balls. they make crunches and stuff a million times more effective.

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    Please, don't. I don't know you but the way you look right know is much more beautiful than it will ever be when you go anorexic. Trust me if do NOT go anorexic you will,

    1. Feel better.

    2. Live longer, (God forbid anything bad happens).

    3. Look better.

    Listen, if you want to lose wait go on a diet and burn it off, I know going anorexic sounds easier but good old fashioned oversize will help you in the long run.

    I used to be chubby and I thought of going anorexic but I researched people who did and what happened to them. That changed my mind. I got off the couch and grabbed my dumbbells and began lifting and running. If you could see me now compared to then. If I would have gone anorexic I would have been skinny and weak, I know you are girl and I am a guy and its really different but the concept is the same. Exercise is the healthy way to lose weight going anorexic is not. Begin running on the treadmill or track and lose it that way, please. It will save you and your loved ones ALOT of frustration. And it may even save you your life.

    Best wishes,

    Someone who knows what your going through and wants to save you alot of trouble. ;)

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    Anorexia Nervosa IndexFeatured: Anorexia Main Article

    Anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by markedly reduced appetite or total aversion to food. Anorexia is a serious psychological disorder and is a condition that goes well beyond out-of-control dieting. With anorexia, the drive to become thinner is actually secondary to concerns about control and/or fears relating to one's body. There are psychological and behavioral symptoms as well as physical symptoms of anorexia including: depression, social withdrawal, fatigue, food obsession, heart and gastrointestinal complications, kidney function, flaky skin, brittle nails, and tooth loss (this list is not exhaustive).

    no you don,t want go anorexic

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    My sister is like 4'6 and weigh 72 pounds and worrys about her weight but it will make her unhealthy and she knows that so i guess.............NO dont do it!!!!!!!! It will ruin you for forever and the models put makeup on so you can't telll that they are anorexic and they are bony and ugly......i saw it on TV once.

    If you want to lose a few pounds start by eating right and no candys. YOu know what?!!! I lost 6 pounds and my sister did too by swinging on the swing for like 2 weeks and then we stopped and gained them back.:( But anyways you shouldn't eat junk food or stuff that have a lot of grease in them so start by eating right. But don't go to far or you will be anorexic!!! Hope i helped!!!!!!!!☺☻♥

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    listen if u think ur fat all u have to do is find a diet that works for u turning anorexic is not the answer. People that do that get very sick and could die from it . Dont do that its not a good idea

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    yeah, if you want your hair to start thinning out--

    your eyes to go blood shot--

    if you want your nails to start to flake away--

    and you want to be able to count your ribs when you're NOT sucking in--

    and if you want to start getting skin that looks like peach fuzz, and if you want to get huge black circles under youre eyes, by all means do it.

    but if you want to be a healthy, normal girl, stay the way you are. really there is no set weight for a girl (or guy even) going through puberty because you're growing so fast. and guess what? the average person puts on 40 pounds during the course of puberty--so just chill out. eat more veggies, and exsersize more. join a group like cheerleading or basketball or something! not that hard!!

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    You should keep eating - and take your too skinny friends out for ice cream.

    Being healthy and happy is hot!

    And by the way, anorexics develop peach fuzz all over the body (including their face) in attempt to stay warm cuz they have no body fat - GROSS.

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    even if you use it as a diet, the act of starving yourself has direct affects on your brain- that is how it becomes a disease. it's extremely hard to pull out of, as you know.

    and so so bad for your body. you shouldn't even experiment w/ it because 1) the risk of getting addicted and 2) even short term starvation can shorten your life span and 3) (the only one you might care about) starving yourself doesn't do anything initially. your body's metabolism actually slows down to hold onto fat. and then it starts to eat and use up your muscular tissue. imagine the damage ensuing besides this. and if you do begin to start eating, your body doesn't know if it can trust you, so it holds onto every calorie it can get for a long long time after that. causes permanent damage to your metabolism.

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    i'm not going to write you, telling you how to live your life; it's your life. However, anorexia is a very serious diesease thatm, in most cases, causes death. If your determined to lose weight look on the net for a support system that will help you lose weight. exercise is important for losing weight cuz muscle training will tone your skin and not make it loose and flabby like anorexia does.

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    No! Are you crazy!?

    Not eating is NOT the way to diet.

    There are so many diets out there that are going to WORK.

    Don't turn to anorexia. Eat a healthy, balanced diet and excercise. And even if you're not super skinny- who cares?

    Do what you want, be who you are, eat what you want. LIVE YOUR LIFE. You only have one chance.

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