how long does it take to get your orders in the navy?

Hubby is in the navy, he got to picked where his new duty station would be about ago, he got the e-mailed that he got one of the hot job in need of people ASAP in Okinawa japan. His now just waiting for his orders that says what month he need to transfer. So how long will it take for him to get this order?


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So I do we know if his going on six month or tow his rotation date is november of this year?

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    It really depends on his rotation date. The detailer will move a much paperwork as he needs to at the time. If he's going in six months, don't expect the order for another two to four. If it's in two months it will be a lot sooner. Remember, what is important to the detailer is that he has his billets filled, not that you get the best data as far out as possible. But your hubbys chain of command can help make the detailer put up sooner rather than later. Ask for help from the XO (if hubby's an officer) or the CMC (if enlisted).

    Thanks for your service (an important facet of his),


    Source(s): LCDR USN
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