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How can I, as a sincere unbeliever, further distance myself from any and all gods?



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    Have you tried that new atheist spray, gods be gone?

  • Amber
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    Okay you said "so many" atheism is in the minority generally but there seems to be a concentration of atheism anywhere religion is discussed. So I agree with the remark within your question "why do you guys constantly try to refute the bible and disprove God?" And wonder myself why someone who doesn't believe in God or who would not go to church would attempt to answer or post a question like; as an example, Is the Pope a Catholic? I would expect a non-believer to be more likely to answer a question like; as an example, "who are the famous atheist in history?" Finally, I could say much more but I included a link that everyone should read now and then. And urge Yahoo! to consider the popularity of this discussion and create a different place to do what we are doing here because this is a question and answer not an atheism 101 chat. Why did god create us?; to know love and serve god. An appropriate answer is not; there is no god you all are fools for reading the bible. This is a question and answer not a forum. Too bad... it is and has always been soooo much fun for theist and non theist to bash each other on the Internet. We just are not giving reliable answers. In our arguments we are giving them debate. wishing everyone peace, love and human rights

  • Take the blashpemy challenge firstly. (Google it please, you will get a great laugh out of the youtube video explaining what it is.) The bible says that you can commit an unforgivable sin and therefore cut yourself off from their 'God.'

    Eat some shellfish as well and got around telling Christian at random that bats are not bird and insects do not have 4 legs.

    Religion is everywhere. In the US the highest population of nonreglious people is in Washington. (25%) England has over 50% so moving there would be helpful. Religion is pretty much everywhere so good luck in very to avoid it. I would rather raise heck myself!

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    Easy stop participating in

    = Religion & Spirituality =

    An true atheist would not be caught dead in here.

    Try joining up with or become a telly evangelist or become a catholic that is a far from God as I can imagine.

    Even hell is closer to God than that

    as Khrushchev once said "Thank God I am an Atheist"

    He was one of the atheist dictators of Russia.

    Hes the guy who put nuclear missiles into Cuba


    Source(s): There is no such thing as a dead atheist they all believe LOL
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    stay as nonchalant as possible. some gods enjoy a challenge, and then you'll end up a heathen and get homework. [norse recon, for the webster thumpers out there.]

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    As a Christian, I know that you don't have to do a thing. You don't have to do anything, there is only one God to offend, and by your own human nature you are already condemned by Him. All us humans only need to be what comes natural. It's in us already. We are born with it.

    It takes a supernatural effort by God in order to counter this, and He has said that He is not willing to change everybody, but only a remnant of the people. It was the same for the Hebrews, and it's the same for the rest of the world, God changes only a few. They are what is referred to as 'The Chosen'.

    Most people will not be th chosen. So if you want to get away from God (who you don't believe in as you said), then just be yourself. It's enough.

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    Your gods are your supreme honor victims that you pay homage to in your life. Whatever you worship is your god! Whatever you give the time of day to ...including Yahoo Q&A. Sorry. You have gods too.

    Healing be unto you and yours and me and mine in

    Forgive Affirmed Spirit

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    Why do you need to distance yourself from something that you sincerely don't believe in?

    If it isn't real to you, then you are as far away from it as you can be.

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    Shoot Pangel said what I was going to. :(

    ((Zilla)) and ((Pangel))

    Happy Easter!!

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    so i just wanna know why you would ask dumb that question and expect to get a good answer. but i would have to say be the most terrible person you can be, God wont like that very much.

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    7 Unhail Marys a day help a little.

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