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Top 10 Dirty players of all-time?

With all the talk of how Pronger and Simon should be kicked out of the NHL, I searched out to come up with a list of the dirtiest players of all-time. Neither Pronger, nor Simon made the cut.

1. Bobby Clarke. Hall of Famer was as dirty as they come. Win at all costs. Used fear as a weapon. He would do whatever it took to win and there was nothing you could do about it because he brought some "back up" to watch his back every game.

2. Ted Lindsay. Hall of Famer would use his gloves or his stick, didn't matter.

3. Ulf Samuelsson. Ended some careers. Was the dirtiest of his era.

4. Mark Messier. Just a mean S.O.B. Another Hall of Famer.

5. Dale Hunter. All around cheapshot artist.

6. Kenny "the Rat" Linseman. Dirty little snake.

7. Dave Schultz. Broad Street Bullies Bully. Wing nut.

8. Gordie Howe. One of the best players of all-time. Mr. Hockey? Mr.Elbows!! Another HOFer.

9. Wayne Cashman. Stickwork for the Big Bad Bruins.

10. Claude "The Fraud" Lemieux. Dirtbag.


Honourable mentions to Bob Probert, Bryan Marchment, Darius Kaspiritis and anyone else I might have forgotten. LOL

Update 2:

What would be your list?

Update 3:

Notice how most of them were considered great leaders and the heart and souls of their teams. Crazy like foxes they were. Dirty WITH a WIN.

Update 4:

NHL is going soft.

Update 5:

Puckdat....Good calls on Shore AND really good call on the Rocket. They were big meanies. I am sure I am forgetting a few more as well.

Update 6:

Terrible Ted Green?

Update 7:

O'Reilly is a good one. Sutter too.

Update 8:

Simon over Cashman? I'll take your word for it. When you look at Simon's last two incidents....I guess he deserves to make the cut.

Update 9:

Tealtown...They don't come close to making the cut.

Update 10:

Jacoby...Ciccarrelli was a dirty little bugger.

Update 11:

Also, I thought about Stevens but when you look at it, most of his shots were deemed clean.......well, borderline dirty. He was nasty, don't put your head down to be sure but he doesn't make it.

Update 12:

Lubers...yeah, Marchment should be on the list. Schultz is there because he would still pummell you even after you were down and out. That's dirty. LOL

Update 13:

Lady Byngers need not apply.

Update 14:

LITY...Funny too how many of these guys go onto having hockey careers after hockey. Hunter owns/coaches London, Clarke of course, Holmgren, the Sutters, isn't Samuelsson on a bench somewhere? Phx maybe? Messier will be a GM someday, Cashman coaches...........that's just off the top of my head.

Update 15:

Tom....actually I thought I struggled with having Howe so far down the list. LOL They didn't call it a Gordie Howe hattrick for nothing. He was nasty IMO.

Update 16:

Joe...yeah, Hextall AND Billy Smith would be my goalies.

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    I don't know Bob................only one Black Hawk on the list.

    It's nice to see somebody separate dirty 'players' from the goons

    Additional honourable mentions to those mentioned

    Maurice Richard - when he retired, he was the NHL's career leader in goals, points AND Penalty minutes

    Paul Holmgren

    Terry O'Reilly

    Brian Sutter

    Chris Simon would have made my list over Wayne Cashman.


    Cashman wasn't as dirty as Simon. The reason I say Simon is that he has the skills to play the game


    I saw Toe Blake play over 100 games, and he was anything by dirty. He had a very clean reputation (aside from winning the Lady Byng).

    The rest of your list is good

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with most of the list no goons only dirty players. I'd take Howe off the list though. His elbows were not like Marchmant's or Prongers. He used them to fend off defenders and make his space. If you left him alone he left you alone. A couple of others though

    Dave (Tiger) Williams,

    the early Stan Mikita (lots of stick work),

    reach into the farm in Viking Alberta and take your pick.

    Dale Hunter had a couple of brothers that could hold their own as well.

    Good question some of these guys were goons as well but most went out of their way to inflict pain.

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  • Jacoby
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    1 decade ago







    Eddie Shore

    Toe Blake

    Marty McSorley

    Dino Ciccarelli

    Chris Simon

    All those guys were also dirty players but messiers too high. I'd also throw Scott Stevens and Bertuzzi down the list

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like your list but I would take Dave Schultz off and add Bryan Marchmant instead of giving him honorable mention. I would probably include him at or about where you included Schultz. I would probably move Samuelsson to the top of the list as well.

    A player should not get onto a list of dirtiest players if they were willing to defend themselves. I like Clarke on there, not because he wasn't willing to defend himself, but because more often than not someone else did it for him.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree with most but Messier. Messier was mean, but nowhere near Probert, Domi, Scott Stevens, McSorley, or even Pronger.

    If Carcillo and Avery continuem they will have a valid spot in the books.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1-5 Pronger

    6-10 Claude "The Turtle" Lemieux

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  • 1 decade ago

    Anyone mentioning Pronger and Bertuzzi simply hasn't been watching the game.

    Nice list Bob.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You could also add an 11 to that list... TIE DOMI

    a love to hate relationship you loved him on your team Hate him on the other team.

    (year is foggy but) put Scott Neirdermyer out I think of the playoffs not sure if it was 2003 or not. but there was hell to pay during the next regular season game after that (I think I was at the game...all the posters calling for his head on a flaming platter!!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Where's Bertuzzi or Mcsourley?

    Bertuzzi should be kicked out of the NHL for that unnessessary hit from behind on the Avs player in 2004.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Remember a North Star named Willie Plett? Tomahawked a Goalie in the back of the neck once. Slapshot into the back of a ref that called a penalty on him once. Mean, mean, mean. Glad he was on my team.

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