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How do you check the ground on a house?

We get shocked everytime we touch anything plugged into the wall or a light switch. We felt at first it was the humidity in the house, was causing static, but even if you ground yourself you get a second jolt once you touch the electrical item or switch. We've already fried the LCD screen on our phone and a USB mouse plugged in to our computer.

We live in a dry climate, but it just seems to "shocky."

Any ideas?

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    You have a ground short somewhere in the wiring. An electrician needs to be called. We have a meter that will pin point the short. Get it fixed as soon as possible or the LCD screen on your phone won't be the only thing fried. GoodLuck

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    make sure you have a main ground to the house usuall is by your water main.

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    I would call a professional. You may have dangerous problem.

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    This a very dangerous problem, get help fast.

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    it seems to me you have an electrical problem i would contact an electrician to have him check it out

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