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Who do you love more, your fav Football team or Baseball team?

i asked this in the baseball section & realized there are your Baseball fans & there are your football fans, very few people are on the fence, so here it is for you guys.

I love my Cubbies more than the Colts. but i think i like football more than baseball, am i strange? Who do YOU love more, your fav Baseball team or Football team?

I've been a Cubbies fan my whole life. growing up in Indiana we didn't have a MLB or NFL team. the Pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower in 1984 so the home state team grew on me over time & eventually i became a season ticket holder. i'm still a Bears fan & wasn't as excited as i wanted to be when the Colts beat Da Bears in XLI.

what's your story?

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    I love my Broncos the most.

    I love football with a passion.

    To me football is just more exciting, and I get into it alot more.

    I get excited when football is on.

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    i moved around a lot when I was too young to remember so there are a lot of teams I liked growing up. My family is from San Diego but we lived in Chicago as well so I grew up liking the Bears but not old enough to remember the Chargers. I'd always root for any California team regardless so I was happy seeing the 49er dynasty of the 80s and 90s. But as I moved to our final destination growing up, i distinctly remember my aunt giving me a Yankees jacket as a going away present to Connecticut. The Yankees were destined to be my favorite baseball team as i grew up from a boy to a man. I saw everything was right with New York and everything was wrong with Boston so I hate the Sox. I find I'm more passionate about the Yankees than I am about my favorite football team the Chargers and a close second the Titans.

  • i've lived in Chicago or around chicago my entire life so i'm a BIG chicago sports fan i love the White Sox and I love the Bears

    I kinda feel what you feel

    I love the Sox more in I can never watch any other baseball game besides the Sox, but at the same time I love football much more than baseball

    i've loved the White Sox for longer and i didn't like football until recently which might be a factor that plays in

    i just feel in football i love watching it no matter what, but that I watch baseball for the White Sox ....its kinda hard to explain, but without a doubt I love both teams

    what I don't understand is being from Indiana how you could not have been extremly excited to see your team win....Indiana is sorta me second favorite sport state so I like the Colts, but there was no chance I wanted them to beat the Bears in SB XLI

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    Football team

    GO BEARS!!!

    You're 2 favorite teams facing each other in the Super Bowl, and your home team wins. I don't see why you weren't ecstatic about the Colts winning.

    I was raised as a Bears fan and a Cubs fan, but I've always liked watching football more. It was a lot more exciting and entertaining than Baseball when i was growing up.

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    Heres my story...Baseball is the most boring sport ever and all of the players are roided up cheaters anyways.

    Football is far better and more entertaining than baseball.

    If youre going to compare football to another sport it should be hockey. Hockey may not be as popular in the U.S. as baseball or basketball but it should be. Hockey is way more physical and takes way more talent to play then both basketball and baseball. Nothing can compare to the excitement of an nfl or nhl playoff game or superbowl/stanley cup final series.

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    Hands down my football even though, when I first got into sports I started watching baseball because of school . But man once I went to my first football game. I was hooked line and sunk. I still love baseball no doubt, just like mom's apple pie, but its the constant action in football that i love.

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    I love my Packers more than my Brewers.

    I was born and raised a Packer fan while they have been really good and consistent though when I was really young they weren't great but I never really Questioned them.

    While the Brewers haven't been very good so a couple years ago I kinda made them my half favorite team with the Chicago Cubs while they have been good, and now they are both my favorite teams and I think that the Packers being my sole favorite team I've always liked them more.

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    Definitly love my football team more, even though neither teams hae actually won the superbowl or World Series. Chargers are closer to the Superbowl, they provide more excitement, and I enjoy the game of football more than baseball

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    i like the Green Bay Packers more than the Milwaukee Brewers even though i was raised to like both, i just caught on to football more. It just has more excitement than Baseball in my opinion. But I will always be fans of both but the Packers just a little bit.

    Source(s): Plus i know more of Green Bays history
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    Thats a tough one, I've been a fan of the Chiefs and Royals my entire life. I guess my answer would be that I love the Chiefs more though, because if I was told I could only root for one or the other I would choose the Chiefs.

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