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Why are most Christians celebrating Easter too early this year?

Most of the world's Christians are celebrating the Feast of Easter this weekend. However, if you look at the Christian Bible, the last meal that Jesus ate with his disciples BEFORE HIS CRUCIFIXION was a Passover meal.

This being the case, why are most Christians in the world, with the EXCEPTION of the Orthodox Christians, celebrating the commemoration of the Ressurection BEFORE Passover?

Passover does not begin this year until April 19th and the Orthodox Easter actually corresponds with the last day of Passover on April 27th.

Is this not more biblically accurate?


If Christians are stating that their religion is based on the Christian Bible, then they should be careful to be certain that their celebrations are ACCURATE TO that primary source.

And although I NO LONGER CLAIM to be Christian, I was raised as one (specifically an Orthodox Christian), so this is certainly a relevant question as Western Easter is actually VERY close to the Vernal Equinox this year which many Pagans celebrate as a religious holiday.

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    I guess the question is: "Why is this [day] different from any other?" Is it because of where it falls on the calendar? Or is it because of the ideas we associate with it?

    If it is truly about the calendar, then I think you're right. And as you can see from one of the previous answers, there are Christians out there who take that approach. For most of us, though, days are holy because of the ideas we associate with them. So the important thing for me is not when do I celebrate Easter - but rather the idea of the Resurrection. And since all of the Christians I know choose to celebrate on this day, I join with them in celebrating.

    [And just as a side note, at the time the Last Supper took place there was a question within Judaism about when they should be observing the sabbaths and feasts such as Passover. The Book of Jubilees, a popular "fundamentalist" text of the time, was written largely with the concern of showing that the calendar was ordained by the heavens, and so it was important to observe on the proper day so that earthly sabbaths and celebrations would coincide with the heavenly celebrations. In this case it was a question of whether they should be based on a solar calendar or a lunar calendar.]

    Peace to you.

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    In a proverbial nutshell, the Canon rule (which the 'west' is purports to hold to..!) states that the Chrisitan Pascha (word for 'passover'...as in 'Christ is our Passover'), IS to be celebrated after the vernal equinox AND after the Jewish passover. HENCE, those who say they are the 'church' and do not follow the ancient Canons (laws and rules) which governed the whole Church before the self imposed separation of the Western church (officially in 1054), are in fact anathamatized by their own actions. Hence, the real observation of the Resurrection of Christ God is this year April 27. Nevertheless, at least it is better to celebrate the Resurrection, than to put your fist in the face of the Lord God and His Only Begotten Son, and NOT celebrate it. For the Word of God , states Jesus, "if you have the Son, you have the Father with Him, but , and if you deny the Son (resurrected Christ) you have not the Father " ..(...or the Son.!)..!

    Source(s): The Holy Bible The Bible and the Ancient Church Fathers Common Sense and the Christian Ethic
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    "Therefore let no man judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holy day, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: Which are a shadow of things to come, but the body is of Christ." - Col. 2:16 and 17

    Easter Day is determined not by Christians, as you seem to think, but by the first Sunday after the first full moon past the vernal equinox. Look it up.

    This is the earliest Easter Sunday 1913, and it will not fall this early again until the year 2228.

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    The concept of a Good Friday crucifixion and a Sunday morning resurrection is a complete falsehood that has led to the deception of those who would be followers of the Christ for centuries.

    The truth is that the resurrection was near the end of the weekly 7th day Sabbath (our Saturday) exactly 72 hours after He was placed in the tomb. Anyone who tells you anything else is calling Christ a liar. If it was NOT 72 hours, then He is NOT your Savior. The only sign that He gave that proves His identity is Matthew 12:40. Three days and three nights cannot possibly fit into Friday evening to before sunrise Sunday. You cannot even count, if you believe in a Friday crucifixion, Sunday as a day because the scriptures say He was already risen BEFORE the women got to the tomb.

    Several links where you can study the truth for yourself:



    To truly understand what went on during the week of the crucifixion, you need to study the Biblical Holy Days:


    To give you a basic overview, because you really need to study this vital truth for yourself, in the Bible, the days start and end at sunset:

    Crucifixon week:

    Our Tuesday evening (Sunset started the 14th day of Exodus 10-12) Yeshua ate the Passover with His disciples and instituted the bread and wine ceremony as a memorial to His death. That night He was betrayed, arrested, taken to the High Priest's house. The next morning (our Wednesday) very early before the morning sacrifices began at the Temple, He was taken to the Sanheidren. Peter denied Him about the time the Temple Crier (Not a rooster) was calling for the morning sacrifices to begin.


    After being shuttled back and forth between Herod and Pilate, He is finally condemned, tortured, and crucified and died on the cross late Wednesday afternoon and was placed in the tomb before the sunset that ended that day. This was the preparation day for the 1st High Sabbath of the year, the first day of Unleavened Bread (Again read the Exodus account and Leviticus 23).

    This period of time from sunrise Wednesday to sunset Wednesday is also the preparation day for the Highday Sabbath mentioned in John's account.

    Night 1

    Sunset Wednesday to Sunrise Thrusday. The Highday Sabbath, the first day of Unleavened Bread, or the Passover of the Jews, mentioned in John's account began at this sunset


    Sunrise Thrusday to sunset Thrusday. It is still the Highday Sabbath.

    Night 2

    Sunset Thursday to sunrise Friday began the preparation day for the weekly Sabbath.

    Day 2

    Sunrise Friday to sunset Friday. This is the daytime portioin of the preparation day for the weekly Sabbath, during which the disiple prepared the spices for the final burial of Yeshua.

    Night 3

    Sunset Friday to sunrise Saturday, the weekly Sabbath began at sunset Friday and the disciples rested according to the commandment.

    Day 3

    Sunrise Saturday (Sabbath)to just before sunset, 72 hours after being placed in the grave ends the 3rd day.


    This is so easily proven from the Bible that it is rediculous that people still believe in a Good Friday/Easter Sunday scenario. Like so many other practices and beliefs of traditional Christianity, it is rooted in pagan worship of heathen gods and has no Biblical basis whatsoever.

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  • curi
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    3 years ago

    Easter IS memorializing Jesus's loss of existence. nicely, sturdy Friday honestly does that, Easter Sunday is the social gathering of the Resurrection. issues evolve over the years, and since the early Catholic church wooed pagans into their midst, the pagans hung directly to and included their traditions into the hot faith. It occurs. Pagans cherished (and nevertheless do like) celebrations. It grew to become into the switched over Pagans who progressed the Easter and yuletide practices. there is this ingredient observed as evolution -- it applies to all way of issues, even faith. further: honestly, it incredibly is plenty extra probable Jesus grew to become into born in April based on the "star" interior the sky, the indisputable fact that the shepherds had lambs, that are spring, via October they does not be lambs to any extent further, shepherds does not be out with their flocks in barren grasslands, and that a census of the human beings does not ensue in the time of harvest time, yet extremely in the previous planting began. April gives you longer days for commute, October has short days.

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    I don't completely understand it myself, but the answer is that Easter comes because of the timing of the Equinox, which changes each year. But, this will be the last time for many many years that Easter will be this early, the majority of the time it is in April, but again it has to do with the equinox of the sun.

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    HESTIA!!!! Omgs I swear I was just thinking about you yesterday!

    The Jews don't want them any where near passover, so they got passed over to the pagans. Lucky us.

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    the last supper was the 1st full moon of spring. (Nissan 14) and 2night is the 1st full moon of spring so easter falls on the sunday after the 1st full moon of spring. which is 2morrow.

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    April 19th is MY B-day. i want no competition, thank u!

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    we only celebrate it when it comes around,every year,

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