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SAT mishap...?

I took the SAT in December and got a 2020- 640 reading/writing & 740 math. I decided to take it again in March. I studied out of mcgraw hill's book almost cover to cover and the practice tests indicated at least a 100 point increase in 2 sections. I was aiming to get about a 200 point increase. I took the test in March and my score went from a 2020 to a 1900!! My combined score only went up to a 2060. I am planning to take the SAT again... somtime either in June or end of summer.

How much is this going to hurt my chances at college?

And, I am not going to study like I did before I took the March SAT. I did and still will take practice tests and essays, but i need to revamp something. Any suggestions, anything that worked for you?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That will not hurt your chance at getting into college. Most colleges combine your best scores from each section and use that as your overall score. Each time that you take the test it is a whole different environment and there are different factors within you the student which colleges are aware of: and example is if you ate, if you were more nervous etc... Your first score and the combined score is a more than great score already so try not to stress out too much when taking the test again, and that will help you relax and improve your score...just keep preparing like you are and you will be okay :)... hope this helped

  • 1 decade ago

    It is not going to hurt your chances at college because colleges look at your best overall scores from all your testing sessions.

    I would suggest studying vocabulary words and taking practice tests.

    GOOD LUCK !! Hope you do well.

  • 1 decade ago

    college will only look at your best setting

    but keep in mind that most people's scores will decrease after their third try

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