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What are Pros and Cons of Drinking Tap Water?

Are there any vitamins or minerals that can be found in tap water?

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    Tap water is actually very clean. It is government regulated. Bottled water on the other hand, is not regulated at all. Tap water has all sorts of minerals, including fluoride, which helps your teeth.


    "In 2007, it was found that some bottled water companies were selling water that was contaminated and less healthy for consumers than tap water. The Natural Resources Defense Council conducted a four year study on bottled water. The results of this study show that one-third of the bottled water tested contained levels of contamination which exceeds allowable limits under either state or bottled water industry standards or guidelines."


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    Cons Of Tap Water

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    I can't believe in the last five to ten years how much bottled water I see in the grocery stores, convenience stores, etc.. and all the people buying it. What a waste of money. There is nothing wrong with the water from the tap. Fill up a glass or a bottle and chug 'er down! Also, tap water has flouride in it ever since the 50's and the amount of cavities in peoples teeth decreased about 85% when they started to put flouride in the water.. so another reason bottled water is a waste.

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    There is fluoride in the tap water which makes in not safe to drink because it calcifies (solidifies) your pineal gland which is the center of your brain. Fluoride is meant for your teeth, but not meant to be swallowed. Sodium fluoride is also the main ingredient in 25% of all anti psychotic medicines. In ww2 the nazis expire enter with it en masse and would give it to the prisoners because they found that the fluoride would make them stupid and docile. How else do you think the rich stay in power now days, they have to ensure their survival somehow.

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    pros- they test the water on a regular basis there is minerals in most water, a lot less in distilled water----cons-- a lot of older buildings and homes have zinc and lead pipes for there water lines, but a good filter will remove a lot of those elements from it f y I--- lots of bottled water is filled from a tap----ugru

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    - Tap water is nasty and always will contain lead.

    - It also contains all kinds of drugs like ibuprofen, which are harder to filter, and thus will always be in your tap water.

    - It tastes gross (and contains urine).


    - Cheap

    - you help the environment by not buying bottled water (plastic bottles = bad)

    I've never drank tap water and never will, and I compensate buying bottled water by being extremely ecological (don't drive, recycle like crazy, use less water for personal hygiene and dishwashing, etc)

    Tap water is not clean:


    It's disgusting. I don't even cook with American tap water.

    And I don't even drink American bottled water (because they fill the bottles with tap water).

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