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what makes bearings go faster on a sk8bored?

i just got my sk8bored about 3 weeks ago i hav demon bearings. well dont call me stupid for doing this but i rode in the rain with it. well now they go slower than my grandma taking a crap. can u help me see what helps to make it go faster plz. and also i put engine oil on it and it goes a little faster but not as fast as it used to go. also my frend bought a sk8bored also a day ago and he has ATM bearing ABEC 5 and it ses its fast as hell. and he got it a day ago and it sucks HORRIBLY. what to do plz on both questions answer. 1 more thing plz dont recommend WD-40

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    slick 50 grease

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    ATM bearing ABEC 5 are sealed bearings, meaning that you can't readily improve their performance with other lubricants from outside. They have flexible side seals that are supposed to keep dirt and water out of the bearing, and retain the bearing grease that lubricates the bearing's internal working parts. If these seals have failed, the bearing will run rough and perhaps begin to make noise and generate heat, as its internal rollers hammer and grind rust particles and contamination into the bearing races.

    There is nothing you can do to "fix" sealed bearings; when they go bad, you replace them.

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    spray the bearings with some good peneetrating oil and work the bearings (spin them) they are rusted from the rain You need to sray them occasionaly with some lubricant to keep them from rusting You might want to try silicone spray

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    motorcycle chain lube in a spray can at Walmart

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