Who has covered Hotel California by The Eagles in spanish?

I know that Los Lobos and Gipsy Kings covered it but I want to know who else. A couple of years ago I heard a version thatI really liked it sounded exactly the same except it was in spanish.

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    A few cover versions of "Hotel California" have been released, notably by flamenco band the Gipsy Kings. Majek Fashek has also done a reggae cover of the song, which is often credited to Bob Marley. In 2004, it was recorded by American Idol reject William Hung. Australian band The Cat Empire recorded a version of the song in French (L'Hotel de Californie), for Triple J's Like a Version segment and subsequent CD compilation. Marc Anthony has often sung the song live. Brixton (England)-based band Alabama 3 also covered the song on their 2000 album "la peste." Country group Rascal Flatts performed their own version of the song at the 2007 Grammy Awards. In 1977, German artist Stefan Hallberg [3] recorded a cover in German. Krzysztof Piasecki has recorded a cover in Polish. Also the American band SkaDaddyZ released a ska version of the song in 1999. In 1983 the band Big Daddy recorded a comedic cover version, mixing the original lyrics with the music of Del Shannon song "Runaway". In 1997 The Moog Cookbook included a version on their album Ye Olde Space Bande. Romanian band Vama Veche covered the song in Romanian on their debut album, although the lyrics are entirely different; they deal with the dreadful living conditions in Romanian student dormitories in the late nineties. Part of the solo is incorporated into the 1995 song All Of The Damned by german Power Metal band Gamma Ray

    Country music parodist Cledus T. Judd parodied the song as "Motel Californie" on his 1995 debut album Cledus T. Judd (No Relation).

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    If there is not any making a song in it, and basically guitar, i'm quite specific the artist is a trio referred to as "The California Guitar Trio" they're in demand for remaking songs with in basic terms classical guitars.

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