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To anyone that believes in something, even if that "something" is nothing; If I came to you, lost & confused..

...{mentally, emotionally, or even spiritually so}, would you try and help me?

If so, how might you try and help?

And why do you feel confident enough within yourself to do so?

If not, why not? You would leave a person lost and confused?


{{{{{{{{ a grand hug for all that answer - thank you }}}}}}}}

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  • Sunman
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    My first impulse would be to relieve your suffering.

    "lost & confused" are big words...

    Mentally, emotionally, spiritually are big arenas...

    I would help you in my own way, probably in spite of you, and you may not even recognize the help I offer as being very my answer to this Q.

    I'm confident we're both creating our individual lives...I'm confident that I can't create your life for you...I would never tell you what choices you should make...

    Spontaneity rules in those situations...

    What would you have of me?

    You would leave a person lost and confused? matter what happens, we'll both be better off in some way for having crossed paths...a little less lost and confused.

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    Lost and confused?? Well, where do you want to go? don't know? Then come along with me and maybe at some point you'll see something you like and can go there on your own. Sometimes, it's just nice to travel with someone who can be a trusted friend, even if BOTH of you are lost and confused.

    Brightest Blessings,

    Raji the Green Witch

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    1.I would definitely try and help you.

    2.Whoever turns their back upon the

    Lost or fallen of ones kind, abandons them

    as vile; and doesn't trace or track the unfenced

    precipice by which they fell,does wrong to

    Heaven and man , to time and eternity.

    3.God fills my Spirit and mind with the

    confidence in knowing I can help anyone lost

    and confused. By showing compassion and being

    Willing to Listen is a huge part in gaining the trust

    With people in these kind of situations!.

    4. Thoughts...? For ''Everyman has a gift to share

    that can help another in times of need.''

    The Lord says, Not by thought , Not by might , Not

    by Power , But by ones Spiritual Faith from within.

    By the actions I take, showing this individual that

    there are people who truly care about them.

    Being able to give information helpful in getting one the help they deserve.

    Source(s): I feel It's my religious duty as a Christian to try and help people in times of need.
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    I would definitely try to help,

    my first instinct would be to just take you somewhere away from all the noise and bother of everyday life...

    somewhere warm and safe and peaceful,

    we could talk it out or just share silent understanding if you wanted;

    I'd be confident b/c sometimes that's all a person needs...

    if it isn't, I'd try whatever else I could think of at the time to help.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    yes, I would mostly listen, I could give suggestions about what I have experienced or what others have experienced to get relief. I'm confident because I've been through a lot and have come through to the other side and now I can smile :)

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    Old age and some of life's ups and downs have shown me that often just having someone to talk to who shows some interest or concern for us can be a great comfort.

    We live in a hectic world. Sometimes it's difficult to find someone to listen.

    Beyond that, I think Violet's answer is excellent.

    (((((hugs to all)))))))

  • 1 decade ago

    I do not believe. I am lost and confused. I would share with you that it is OK to be this way, show you that life is its own virtue, share that to look is to see the splendor of the world. I would say, these things are enough for me, and mayhaps for you as well.

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    I would hold you and say, be still and know, you are not alone. I would sit with you and ask you if you are hungry or thirsty. Rest your weary heart. When have done this and are quiet, very quiet, you will hear the voice inside you saying, all is well. You will never feel alone again.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I would just be your friend and let you know that there is someone who cares about you and that he died for you and loves you very much.I would listen to you and try and come up with a solution to your problem.I think every one needs someone to just listen once in a while.

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    takes alot to ruffle my feathers which are waterproof, go ahead and unleash those demons anytime , i would wrap my wings around you ... coming to your aid wouldn't alter my confidence in knowing that i couldn't leave a friend in need.

    "In thought and word and deed" was brainwashed into me as a girl.....lost & confused is my alias.

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