My keyboard keys don't work?

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okay my keyboard key's won't work (i'm on a friends computer) when i type the period button it turns up like this > if i type the numbers on top of the letters they more
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It could be one of two things. You may have accidently activated sticky keys. This can be done when pushing shift 5 times or more within 5 - 10 seconds. To deactivate sticky keys push shift 5 times really fast then a message should pop up and select the option to turn it off. It is also possible that the time has come to buy a new keyboard. First test sticky keys then either borrow a friends keyboard or buy a new one to see if it really is the keyboard. If the problem contninues call your local tech support. Best of luck!

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Thanks it was on sticky key's and i found another solution to help i just found out you could press ctrl+shift+A and it would help also. Well, thanks!
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  • Surpreet S(before as S Surpreet) answered 6 years ago
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  • dewcoons answered 6 years ago
    Like anything mechanical, keyboards wear out with age. It appears that even though the plastic key for the cap lock is moving and "up", the actual electronic switch is stuck. Usually there is no much you can do to fix the problem.

    $10 at Walmart to replace the keyboard and you are back in business.
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  • Alex M answered 6 years ago
    get a new one
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