What are the differnenes between Fibre Optic cables, CAT3 calbes, CAT5 STP cables and CAT 5 UTP cables ?


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    Google knows the secret.

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    Fiber optic cables use light for transmitting data and are used for transferring large quantities of data mostly on the backbone of a network.. CAT3 cables are an old type of cable capable of transferring data up to 10 mbps and are not widely used anymore. CAT 5 UTP is a newer cable found in most computer networks capable of transmitted up to 100 mbps and is unshielded so it can be affected my electromagnetic interference. The STP version is shielded so it is less affected by EMI.

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    As every physique has been announcing, those are especially person-friendly. below is a itemizing of hyperlinks the place you may get them on line, yet you may as nicely bypass to an area shop that includes electronics and that they're going to probable have this. word, you need to use Cat 5e or Cat 6 cables quite in case you could no longer locate Cat 5. in addition they're going to paintings the comparable. additionally word: Many companies won't in specific call their cables "UTP" or "today-with the aid of" because of the fact those are kinda implied by skill of the time era patch cable. in case you seek for a patch cable, you will locate it quite is in many situations UTP and today with the aid of. no remember if it quite isn't any longer, it is going to likely be pronounced interior the outline, mutually with "crossover" or "STP" or shielded or some thing.

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  • 1 decade ago

    fibre optic cables dont loose any information as it is traveling down them it kinda bouses of mirrors in side the cable sorta thing

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