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Are these swear words?

Bloody hell

flippin heck




To me these are not swear words, just a mild way of venting your frustration. Although I am common so maybe thats why I don't understand why I get told off for using them.

Is it swearing in your eyes?

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    yes 2 all

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    Its all relative, depends where you are from and your upbringing.

    1 and 5 are blasphemous rather than anything else (i think)

    2 is a straight substitute for a much more offencive phrase, so by intent then yes tis swearing.

    3 yes(although we 'pit yakkers' use this word to mean devil as in little devil for a mischievous child or something that is broken or more specifically worn out it is broken is often announced -it's buggered/I'm buggered, that buggered it up etc.

    4 yes in Peterlee, Co.Durham No in Hartlepool, 9 miles away. (Taught in schools in both towns, one where staff and children use quite freely and the other where the child may well have been burned at the stake after the headteachers door closed behind him, such was the reaction.

    This is also true of tw*t, bum, belly button?? (yes I know??) ***** and ar*e.

    Bet that was no help at all. I agree with other answerer's wouldn't want my kids saying them in public!

    Source(s): Taught in many schools around the uk
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    They are not really swear words or as offensive as others which we all know so I wont repeat them, however, using the 2 words use describe people may think they are working class or immature in your choice of words. Your elocution is described by your education, and you most certainly wouldn't hear an educated or professional person saying 'pissed' or 'sux' particularly in a professional environment if the boss were within earshot. They might use that's 'annoying' or 'terrible' etc. You wouldn't offend people but they may think there are better ways to do described your anguish.

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    to me there not as i use them as well, so that also makes me common but theres worse ones that we could use and I'm sure people would be more offended if they heard those!!! recently Ive had a baby and when i use these words i get a telling off from my partner as 'the baby will hear'!

    Yeah right cause at 2 months shes gunna understand! its hard tho how are we supposed to vent ourselves when were angry we've got to cope! but its ok for them they can go to work!! and escape! but us young mums keep on coping but its a case of having to!!

    Source(s): bloody hell, flippin heck, ive forgot my source
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    They are considered bad Language, not nice. It is considered bad for a Child to use. But otherwise in this Day and age it is just Water off a Ducks Back to most People as everybody uses it . In America they are much less tolerant and get upset more when someone uses these Words but not in Europe we just use it to slag off our Friends and Neighbours.

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    According to Yahoo! Answers, they're not or else they would be blocked, but I think that:

    Bloody Hell and Damn are both swear words. The rest are slightly objectionable words that like a little kid shouldn't say well except for "bugger", isn't that like an Australian word?

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    they all used to be seen as swear words, but most appear in soaps and dramas on a daily basis.....hollyoaks uses crap on a regular basis!

    times have modernised and some words that were once seen as swearing are no longer seen in the same light by the majority of people in the world.

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    You must be from Europe.

    We here in America laugh at you guys for thinking words cause the plague or any other blight or curse.

    We also have many Christians who would deem the practice pagan in nature and as a result blasphemy to observe.

    and no

    except damn when prefixed by god,in which case god could display wrath for the assumption you think you command god to perform a task."damning someone to hell"

    Oh! you changed it to swear,then yes they are,since the person hearing the word determines it and I say it offends me.So please stop.

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    I don't THINK so.

    They say "crap" on the Simpsons before the watershed, and bloody hell is a British kind of... expression I would say, rather than a swear word/ curse.

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    any type of swear word is a way of venting frustration pretty much lol

    you can read on this website how your brain and swearing works.

    basically your brain treats swear words differently from any other word!

    isn't that pretty amazing? :) lol

    idk it is to me though

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