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Canadian Sports Fans, I have some curious questions for you!?

Okay, so I'm from the USA. I was wondering what the Pro Sports culture is like in Canada. What teams do you root for? How much do people follow American leagues?

Obviously, hockey is big in Canada. But the top notch league is American: the NHL. There are 6 Canadian NHL teams. Do people in other, further away Canadian cities follow the NHL? What about other Canadian hockey leagues? I'll jump out and assume that lots of people in Canadian NHL cities follow the NHL, especially Montreal and Toronto (close to the states and Montreal is first in the East this year).

Baseball: I know baseball isn't nearly what it is in Canada as it is in the US. But I'm guessing you guys have a fair amount of baseball fans. Especially in Toronto (the Blue Jays) and Montreal (people who followed the Expos and still follow MLB). Are there any Canadian baseball leagues?

I have more to this question so please hold off for 3-5 minutes (maybe less). I will add additional details.


Basketball: The Toronto Raptors are in the NBA. The NBA is the most elite basketball in the world. But is all USA 'cept the raptors.

So here's the big thing:

Most sports common in North America (besides soccer) have their top notch leagues in the USA, and some teams are in canada. Also, there are more canadians in the NHL than any other countries.

And FOOTBALL: The NFL is no doubt the best football league. Players try to get there. And I know that some canadians know a bit about the NFL. But there is also the CFL, which some players (nothing offensive) just use to prepare to try to get to the NFL. So what is the Pro Sports Culture?

I want to hear from all over canada. People in Toronto would have different thoughts than people in, say, Whitehorse, Yukon.

And are there just a few people who follow american sports (like NFL fans in Australia who wake up monday morning to catch sunday afternoon games in the USA?

Or is there a balance of the top American leauge and close canada

Update 2:

And Once Again, I am not trying to use this question to glorify american sports. I do NOT want to offend anyone. I am genuinely curious about what sports culture is like in Canada, another north american major country that follows similar sports.

Update 3:

To Nikki U:

I know Canada is the biggest on hockey. that is why I was especially wondering about the NHL and other Canadian Leagues. If you live far from the 6 cities with NHL teams, do you follow the NHL?

I know Canada is the best in hockey: that's why, even though it is mostly in America, there are more Canadians in the NHL than other nationalities!

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    Hockey: Obviously the biggest sport in Canada. It doesn't matter where you live, almost every place in Canada, even non-team cities, love hockey. "Hockey Night in Canada" and other nationally televised games probably get the highest TV ratings of all sports in Canada.

    Baseball: I only know of some places that have a heavy following of the MLB. Toronto, Montreal and British Columbia (Vancouver, Victoria, etc.) Toronto because we have the Jays, Montreal because they used to have a team and BC because they often travel down south to catch a Mariners game.

    Basketball: Outside of Toronto, I don't think any other city cares about the NBA. My friend who lives in Ottawa says they don't even cover the Raptors in their newspapers. Also, other sports often overtake them in the ratings... Ex. Curling had approximately 1 million viewers while Raptors basketball averages about 200,000. Which isn't bad, compared to other failing markets in the US.

    Football: The NFL is HUGE in Canada. The CFL may be popular in the prairie provinces, but here in Toronto, it's more of an afterthought, with some diehard fans. We get the same NFL games that the Buffalo area gets, 2 games on CBS, 2 games on FOX (sundays) and we also get free NFL Network games. I would say the NFL also has very high TV ratings as well, although I don't have the stats in front of me.

    In conclustion, I would say Canadians care IMMENSELY about the NHL, a LOT of people care about the MLB, Toronto cares about basketball and all of Canada cares about the NFL.

    I'm from Toronto by the way.

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    lacrosse the box game is also very big in canada , like the nhl tha NATIONAL LACROSSE LEAGUE is loaded with canadian players . all canadian franchises sell out every game . great fan base north americas gift to the sports world . was canadas national sport , until the goverment broke the law in 1994 and named the game the official summer game of canada , and hockey the official winter sport . totally illegal required polictial vote , never done . if challanged lacrosse would be restated as canada nationaol sport . amazing what brewey sponsered , owned , can by hockey is not canadas official winter sport media myth

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    Well I'm an American and i can say there is little competition but it is there. In fact it's kind of funny there is 70% more News on the USA in Canada then Canada, In Canada. Just a fun fact. All in all it's like a friendly kinda "I'm better than you" thing.

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    personally hockey is the sport of canada

    the toronto maple leaves

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