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I have twin boys almost 3 yrs. old I need help on potty training. What should I do?

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    I researched and found a safe stool so my son could use the toilet without me pressuring him every time. This stool has sides so he doesn't fall off the edge plus he can stand at the toilet to pee.

    Standing to pee helped my son to tell what pushing produced urine so he could keep trying. This stool made all the difference and was well worth it. Hope this helps.

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    Try putting Cheerios's in the toilet and using them as a target. Another thing that can work is a reward like a sticker to put up that way they can show off how many times they used the potty or a sucker or m&m's. I will admit that my son was near impossible and the thing that worked best for him was peeing outside on trees or on my car tires (my husband made a game out of it....Mason would come running in the house from playing outside and say haha mommy I peed on your tire!)

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  • 1 decade ago

    With boys you need to use the visibility of peeing to get them started and interested. Their dad should do some role modeling here.

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