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Did anyone see that thrilling game by the Rockets/Goldenstate last night?

Im a Houston fan and even though Im weiry about makin it out of the 1st round of the playoffs. I am enjoying the season regardless:)


That Drake/Kentucky game was sick!:) I loved it...and Yea I hope T-Mac will get a playoff win, just wish Yao was here:(

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    I agree with you. It was a heck of a game! But at the end, T-Mac and co prevailed. He is the man. I don't mind any of them winning but it's just that fantastic! Just like the game between Drake and Western Kentucky! That was sick!

    By the way, I think, I really am a believer that T-Mac will finally get out of the first round this season. He is going to win his first playoff series.

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    I didn't but Houston has been mighty impressive this second half of the season. I believe they will make it out of the 1st round but not beyond that. Not having Yao in the lineup will catch up to them sooner or later.

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    yeah, i watched the game channel at yahoo sports..you don't know how happy i am to see landry back in the line up and those clutch three's by jackson was great...i'm enjoying this season too because we have made history. the warriors played great though..it was a good win for us coming out of those 2 straight loses with a 20 pt. deficit..GO ROCKETS!!

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    that was an awesome game. warriors keep falling behind big and keep clawing back. but they missed too many 3-pointers towards the end of the game which cost them. they should have tried for a quick two in one of those plays instead of trying to tie with a 3 with still plenty of time

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    i dont think that HOUSTON can make it to the 2nd round,but,,22 winning streak,they show a lot of heart....HOUSTON are underdogs on the playoffs beacause YAO is not there,but, no one in the world can tell that its impossible for them to make it to the 2nd or to the finals.....im a LAKERS FAN,but i still remember our lost to DETROIT on 2004..we had SHAQ, KOBE, G.PAYTON and K.MALONE in the line-up....even though im a LAKERS FAN,, i hope that the HOUSTON make it to the 2nd round,,,they make me inspired after i watched thier game......Mcgrady is a monster against golden state.....

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    Season has been fun

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    Didn't see it, and I am a BOY!!!!!!!

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    me 2 it was awesome and i am a girl!!!! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

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