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If Presidential Candidate Barrack Obama Grand mother was Offended?

For being called a 'typical white,",and tried to sue him,could she win her case in a court of law any where in America. or would it be thrown a non racist remark.? Just curious on your thoughts on this.Since it's caused so much anger.

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    Here`s the way it would work !! Nobama`s grandmother and Nobama would plan it this way ; They agree to conjure up a law suit , let the attorneys` in on the scam , go to court , and which ever one of them win`s the case , then they all split the settlement ( after Tithing 10% to Rev Wright and his church of Wrong ) ! It`s a win win situation !!

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    No. She shouldn't be offend. Anyway that is between Obama and his grandmother. No body else. I am sure she loves him unconditionally. Obama had to do a speech on race and address these issues. He did that and some people are still not satisfy. He can't please them all. I don't these (white) people wouldn't have been offended. They are listen to the Right wing radio and TV news station like FoxNews. They get high rating off of stuff like this. They are the one swaying the voters. FoxNews and the Right Wing. They are the ones who want to keep this Rev. Wright thing going. I am ready to move forward and heal. I guess they want to dwell in hate and division. So I guess Obama was right.

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    No. You can't sue someone for expressing their opinion. Especially if it's true. I think his grandmother knew what he meant. Obama is telling the truth about whites. Most white people don't like to hear the truth. No. I don't think she was offended. He didn't call her any racial slurs. I don't know why whites are so sensitive. I never knew saying a typical white person will get a white person so mad. I would have use this a long time ago. I think it's silly. This is another excuse not to vote for a black man. Instead of being honest and saying they're racist. They will use this excuse. Even if the Wright video didn't come out. I don't think the people who are offend by a typical white person would have voted for Obama anyway. If calling someone a typical white person is so insulting, then what do you call being enslaved for over 400 years and blacks still experiencing racism 24-7 today. I think whites are being big babies.



    John McCain is a racist too and have racist ties to John Hagee, Bill Cunningham and Rod Parley. This past week John McCain made racisl slurs towards Asians. He said he hate the gooks. Why isn't he taking the heat like Obama. Why isn't the major news station covering that 24-7? Why is there a double standard?

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    It would be thrown out as a non racist remark because of the

    bias of the Court System!!

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    No because whites don't go around talking about being white, or look at me I don't have this or that because I am white. Blacks do and when you focus on something it becomes more real.

    Ever got a new or used car and then you notice how many people have your car. Well the other people's cars were always there you simply didn't notice them until you focused on it as you own one now.

    See if blacks keep talking about race and focusing on it. Having BET, EBONY, NAACP and so much more division then it will stay.

  • Rada S
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    Interesting question, Walmart today I was busily putting my groceries up and was startled by a Church Black Guy passing out church invitations.... I guess this was a Typical White person's response....but actually it was only a reaction that happened before when anyone else startled me..... so I do not appreciate a comment about Typical White....

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    Actually, he insulted all "typical white women". Gee wonder if the "typical black women" is afraid of white men.? His remarks in his race speech was just a way of dismissing the real issue of "antiamerican" sentiment, which is much worse, and harder to explain away than the race issue. I doubt his grandmother would be able to sue him any more than a patriot could sue the evil rev. wright.

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    I don't think it would work that way. She probably was typical in the fact that most women, no matter their color, see a group of men coming toward them down the street feel may feel intimidated.

    Being a small woman, sometimes I do, and that is not anywhere near racial!


  • hmm
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    I'm with Moody Red no this she hit the nail on the head.

    "I stay away from the bad side of town not because of skin color but because of crime rate". if that makes me a

    typical white person/woman then I guess that's what I am

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    1 decade ago

    She wouldn't sue him, she'd just smack him down.

    Obama merely noted that many older white females (and males, for that matter) are uncomfortable when they see a black man walking down the street.

    It's quite true.

    The solution is for you to understand in your gut that this is a PERSON, not a "black man".

    That's the difference.

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