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Ivy asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago


1. Stress是什麼?

2. Primary stress同Secondary stress有什麼分別?

3. Initial consonant cluster, Final consonant cluster, Syllabic consonants是什麼?有什麼分別?

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    1 and 2.

    In any word of more than one syllable there is at least one syllable more forcibly uttered. This is said to be stress. Stress (or accent) on a syllable makes it more prominent. Acousticlly, the stressed syllable produces an effect of loudness.

    The breath in articulation may be of various degrees of strenght. There are three principal degrees:

    i. Primary stress - the strongest on in the word and indicated by a high verticle stroke place immediately before the syllable bearing that stress.

    ii. Secondary stress - the intermediate one shown by a low stroke just befoe the syllable.

    iii. Weak stress - the syllable of syllalbes not stressed at all and left unmarked.

    3. Consonant clusters are groups of two, three or four consonant sounds sid together with no intervening vowel. Examples of words with initial consonants: place, train, clock, spread. Examples of words with final consonants: ask, crisps, tests.

    Syllablic consonants are / l, m, n /. They sometimes seem to fulfil a syllabic function without the presence of a vowel. e.g. in middle / -dl / and botton / -tn/. These /l/ and /n/ phonemes can be said to be sllabic here in terms of the prominence and pulse theories; they also function as separate units in the intonation structure of English.

    2008-03-24 11:12:31 補充:

    typo mistakes: various degrees of strength (NOT strenght) , can be said to be syllabic (NOT sllabic)

    Source(s): A.C. Gimson
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  • Baggio
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    1. Stress is the accent of a word, e.g. the word Primary - the stress is on the front part - pri, another e.g. the word School, the stress is on the back part - ool.

    2. One word may contain one or more stress, e.g. constellation - con is the first stress, i.e. primary, tel is the secondary stress, lat is the third stress, also known as tertiary stress.

    3. consonant cluster is a consonant formed by more than one consonant, e.g. church - ch in the front is the Initial consonant cluster, while the ch at the end is the Final consonant cluster. A Syllabic consonant is a consonant that enables a word to be pronounceable in a correct way, e.g. zinc - the c at the end is the syllable consonant that enable the word to have a k sound at the back.

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