transfer processes og heat

1a.Name the process by which heat is transferred from the Sun to the Earth.

b.Explain wy the temperature drop of the land is greater than that of the sea

at night.

2a.State the process by which heat is transferred through the pipes to the


b.Explain briefly why the solar water heater is covered with glass.

c.Why are the pipes painted black?

d.Which of the materials,copper or plastic,would be more suitable for

making the pipes?Explain briefly.

3.In Chinese herbal tea shops(涼荼店),bowls of herbal tea are usually

covered by glass plates.One of the reasons to do this is keep the herbal tea

warm.But some freezers in just opposite to what herbal tea shops to do.

Explain the difference briefly.

4.Explain the cause of the winter monsoon in terms of convection.

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    1.a. The heat transfer process is called radiation.

    b. The specific heat capacity of land is much lower thanthat of the sea. When it is at night, there is net heat loss to thesurroundings. As E = mcΔT,ΔT = E / mc, whereE is the energy loss, m is the mass and c is the specific heat capacity.Therefore, when c is larger, ΔT,decrease in temperature is smaller. As land has a smaller value of c, so thetemperature drop of the land is greater than that of the sea at night.

    2.a. The process is conduction.

    b. As glass allows long-wave radiation to penerate insidebut does not allow it to penerate outside. The glass can trap radiation in theheater so that the heat loss to the surroundings can be reduced.

    c. The pipes are painted black as to enhance heat gainfrom the surroundings. It is because black colour is a good absorber ofradiation. So, more heat can be transferred to the water.

    d. Copper should be the more suitable material. It isbecause copper is a good conductor of heat. So, heat can be conducted andtransferred to water efficiently.

    3. The glass plates covered the bowls in the freezers areto reduce heat gain from the surroundings as glass is a poor conductor (insulator)of heat. But herbal tea bowls are covered by glass plates usually because it isto prevent heat loss to the surroundings. Besides, the inside of freezers arepainted white, it is to reduce heat gain from the surroundings as white is apoor absorber of heat.

    4. As there is a low pressure in the Southern Hemisphere(near Australia)due to higher temperature (air expands and pressure is lower), and a highpressure in the Asian continent (lower temperature, it is winter in NorthernHemisphere, air condenses and pressure is higher). So, air molecules will blowfrom Asian continent to Australia dueto pressure gradient, and a convection current is set up. So, massive amount ofair will blow from the North Continent to the South Oceans, and winter monsoonoccurs.

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