Eng - 四通八達英文點講?

Eng - 四通八達英文點講?

Eng - 四通八達英文點講?

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  • HaHa
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    四通八達當然有許多的說法,但其中一個講法是:Getting around is a breeze.

    Getting around意思是:到處走走的意思(廣東話是:四圍去)



    我也曾看過有廣告這樣寫:英文是:Transportation is a breeze(中文是:交通四通八達),但我覺得Getting around is a breeze比較好,以下就是一篇文章:



    Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

    Upon arriving in Greater Phoenix, you’ll find that getting around is a breeze. Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is a mere 20 – 30 minutes from most major hotels and resorts.

    Car rental companies and shuttle services situated in and around Sky Harbor Airport provide hassle-free service. Greater Phoenix offers the efficient Valley Metro bus system, which extends to all areas of the city, and the free Copper Square DASH (Downtown Area Shuttle), which transports passengers night and day to places like US Airways Center, Chase Field, the State Capitol building, museums, and other downtown facilities. In addition to bus services, taxis and private cars can be hired. Pedicabs bike you to and from parking and around Downtown Phoenix for sporting events, performing arts and nightlife.

    When completed in 2009, The METRO Light Rail system will further improve transportation serving Sky Harbor International Airport, Downtown Phoenix, Tempe and other high-activity areas.


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  • 草草
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    1 decade ago

    四通八達英文點講? Leading everywhere

    希望幫到你啦 ^.^


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