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羽翼 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



Moreover, we considered that the excessive HMF content might be related to Maillard reaction during unsuitable long storage rather than overheating.Thus, further studies on the kinetics of HMF formation due to the Maillard reaction during storage are necessary to re-establish limits of its content in honeys.

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    此外, 我們考慮到過度的HMF內容可能與 Mailard反應 在不合適的長期儲存期間有關聯而不是過熱. 因此, 為了重建它在蜂蜜的內容的限制, 進一步的研究 對HMF形成的動能由於 Mailard反應 在儲存期間是必須的.

    Source(s): 在美十年的自己
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