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吃鯨魚對日本來說是一種文化,日本人吃鯨魚與日本人文化習習相關,應該保留,禁止補鯨就是在剝奪日本的文化與傳統,鯨魚在日本人的心中有著其他魚類不可取代的地位,在日本捕鯨魚是一種驕傲。吃鯨魚是我們日本珍貴的文化,我們有各種鯨魚博物館、資料館 、以及慶祝活動,代表著對鯨魚有著深厚的感情,而已我們吃鯨魚就跟美國人吃生牛肉一樣,為什麼反對我們吃鯨魚呢?


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    Eat whale for Japan is a culture, the Japanese culture of eating whale and the Japanese mantra relevant and should be retained, is prohibited in the meeting whales deprived of Japanese culture and traditions, whales in the hearts of the Japanese have other fish irreplaceable the status of the fish in Japan whaling is a proud. Japanese eat whale is precious culture, we have all kinds of whale museums, archives, and the celebration activities, on behalf of the whales has deep feelings, we just told Americans eat whales eat raw beef, why we oppose eat whale?

    Japanese eat whale cultural background factors, whales and other animals, like fish, it is to eat, can be an adequate number of hunting, and we believe that the whale is our gift to the sea, we do not waste, we would not like the United States or other countries as a result of economic interests over-whales, please respect our rights and culture!

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    Ate the whale to Japan is one culture, the Japanese eats the whale and the Japanese culture blows gently related, should retain, forbids to make up the whale is in eliminates Japan's culture and the tradition, the whale has the other fish unsubstitutive status in Japanese's heart, caught the whale in Japan is one kind of pride. Eats the whale is our Japan precious culture, we have each kind of whale museum, the material hall, as well as the celebration, represents is having the deep affection to the whale, we eat the whale to eat with the American live the beef to be the same, why opposed that we eat the whale?

    The Japanese eats the whale literacy background the factor, the whale with other animals, the fish is the same, is may eat, may right amount capturing and killing, moreover we thought that the whale is the sea for ours gift, we will not waste, because we will not look like the US or other countries equally the economic interest over-trapping whale, please respect us the right and the culture!


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