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Roger Federer as popular as Tiger Woods? What if........?

So Roger didn't win the Austrialian Open to start the year... big deal. And Tiger is on a what, 6 or 7 tournament winning streak? Still I think he is just as dominating within his sport. Sure he could use a little more personality and maybe his nose is a litte weird looking, but:


Neither play sports such as baseball, basketball, or (American) football which are more popular here, but tennis is more physically taxing. I think tennis clearly beats golf in the "Is it an actual sport?" debate.

What are your thoughts?


Uhhh. geez! can someone answer the question without the typical "the sports are completely different" answer? So far "Tennis is Best" has my vote. Forget Tiger for a minute. Maybe I should rephrase. Is there anything Roger can do to reach the Superstar status as Derek Jeter, Lebron, Tom Brady, and Tiger; status or is it kind of impossible because he's not an American? If someone like Andy Roddick or James Blake (who already have the looks) dominated tennis the way Roger does, would things be different? Out of any athlete I mentioned, I think Roger is the most likely to walk into a store in the US and not be recognized.

What are your thoughts?

Update 2:

Some great answers & please keep them coming! By no means am I dissing Tiger. I have a lot of respect for what he's done. The way he's sparked interest in young people & minorites in a predominantly "caucasian sport" I have a lot of respect for that. And the way he's actually huge and fit, adds more fuel to the fire that "golf is a sport".

I knew the Pete Sampras reference would come sooner or later. Pete is clearly one of the greatest of all time & dominated his generation but he never dominated the way Roger does today, or the same way that

Tiger does, or how Lance Armstrong did. 1995 was the only year he reached 3 grand slam finals & he went 2 for 3. How many years has it been Nadal-Federer in all the Slam Finals with Federer winning 3 out of 4? For years people wished Pete had the charisma as McEnroe or Connors before him & even Agassi. Roger's allround game compared to Pete's serve & volly one I think excites more people.

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    i have this favorite quote from the movie Serendipity. It goes like...

    "Do you know who are the men that play golf? Men that are too lazy to play tennis."

    Tennis is much more challenging physically and mentally and I am with you on the point that maybe if Roger was American, tennis would be much revered than golf in the US.


    Roger won the Laureas for 4 straight years already!

    But i'm still a rafa fan... Vamos Rafa!

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    I think I understand your point...but the reason why Tiger is so popular is not only because he's American, but also because of his competitive spirit. He really has that 'it' Michael Jordan. Even if James Blake were number one and crushing everybody in sight, he doesn't inspire me like Mike and Tiger do.

    I'm a Roger Federer fan, by the way, and I think he's more of a star than you think in America. He was watching Tiger at a tournament last year, and he kept being pestered for autographs. He's very well-known and famous.

    You can't underestimate golf as a sport. It's a personal battle of mind and body. For me, I'm just as mentally and physically exhausted after a round of golf as I am after a match on the tennis court.

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    yeah... tennis is alot more taxing on the body, the quality of play decreases drastically after a player reaches his mid-thirties. anybody who saw roger play in 2004-2006 cannot deny that that was those were the most dominating years of tennis. (i think his record was something like 91-5 win-loss) In golf, a player can play up to his 40s.

    oh and i agree with the person who says that golf is marketed more

    to answer youre question, no i believe that rogers popularity would not differ so much if he were an american, after all, sampras was an american and he was the dominant player in the generation before federer's.

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    You can't compare the 2 sports since they are completely different. Golf, u play then ur opponent plays, etc etc. In Tennis, you both play at the same time and the way your opponent plays has a major bearing on your play. Golf, it doesn't matter how your opponent plays. The only thing common if at all between the 2 games is pressure from your opponents. Tennis is way more physical, golf you can be a fat *** and still win. Heck the guy's are so lazy they need to use a cart to move one spot to another.

    Personally, for me Golf is the same as chess is the same as american football....BORING (and american football is BORING TRASH).

    I'd watch golf or chess at a time when I need to sleep but am unable to sleep. I'd never even consider watching american football.

    sorry for not addressing your tiger vs federer question.

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    Both sports are great. Tiger is more popular not only because he is an American but because he is black who dominate in a white sport. The struggle that Tiger had to go through because of prejudice early on is soo much more than what Roger had to go through. I am a tennis fan but I also had great respect for Tiger.

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    both tennis n golf r popular sports but u can't compare these two together as they r different games fact if u r very good at playing any game,u could be sure to become popular in the world.

    Source(s): i'm good at swimming,beside tennis n badminton.
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    Tiger would still be more popular. Golf is marketed so much more than tennis in the U.S.

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    They are from different sports so

    it is incompatible

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    woods domintae more

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