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Should i even get glasses with my horrible eye sight?

I'm 20 years old, and i've had contacts for about 12 years, you can imagine how irritated my eyes can get... I'm looking into getting some nice glasses to wear a few days out of the week so my eyes can breath. heres a pic of me

what frame do you think would look good on my face? also my contacts prescription is -6.00 in both yes (reallly really bad) is there any way i can get glasses without the lense being SO thick and magnified... If so how thin do you think i could get them? thank you!

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    go with something small,the smaller the frame the less thickness

    of your glasses will show up

    though in all honesty any glasses would suit your face since your pretty anyway regardless with/out glasses

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    Hi! I am 20 as well, and my prescription is a -12.25, and i had to get glasses because my eyes get so dry and irritated. I know what you mean! I would def recommend getting glasses. I cannot go out of the house in my glasses because they are so magnified. I use them all the time when I am in the house, and it gives my eyes such a huge break! I got them as thin as possible and they are still so thick, but they are twice as bad as yours eyes, so yours might not be as bad. You could try getting the glasses, and if they do not look right then just wear them in the house. They are especially great for watching tv or being on the computer at night time! When i went to my last checkup the doc literally said how healthy my eyes looked because of my glasses. They are getting more oxygen, and they are much happier for it! Good luck

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    You do have a high Rx but I would recommend glasses just b/c if you get pink eye or something you shouldn't wear contacts and glasses can be fashionable. I didn't look at your pic but I'm sure there are tons of options. I would stick away from rimless since your Rx is so high but you can do polycarbonate which is a thinner lighter lense, you'll have to pay for more for the lense but it wont look like a bottle cap.

    All you really have to do is make sure you have a current Rx, less than a year, and go to any optometrist office with it and you can talk with an optician who can help you pick out glasses that look best for your face shape. There is a whole lot more than just round and square anymore. You can get anything from cat shaped to ones that kinda look like pentagons... The possibilities are endless. I don't know about your price range but I LOVE prada frames and Fendi frames. if you want a little cheaper kate spade makes nice cheaper frames and even less known brands. I have a pair of kate spade reading glasses, coach sunglasses, and dior sunglasses and I love them. Plastic tends to be heavy and bend out of shap easier but I think they are cuter personally. But don't get me wrong there are a ton of cute metal frames, mine is metal and i LOVE it.

    Hope this helps!

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    There is no way to improve your eyesight without laser eye surgery. No matter how much/little you wear you glasses, it will not improve in the slightest. Your eyes start to deteriorate from the age of 5, so obviously they won't get better naturally. Sorry, fact of life I'm afraid.

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    I know the store called ForEyes has really thin lenses and frames. I need to get some too unfortunately. :(

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    Have you tried the 30 day/night soft lens? I have no problems at all with them and usually wear them for 40+ days without removal.

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    don't go for a round frame.. it will make your face look round. because of your perscription you probably wont be able to to get rimless frames but there are lots out there that will work for you.. give it a try.

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    i wear glasses and am about -9.5 but about to get new glasses. I think you can get new glasses and have them cut really thin, that is what I always do.

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    rimless oval.

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    Ur hot!!!

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