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Help with trading situation?

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just traded eric byrnes and roy halladay and got johan santana. the problem is byrnes was my only source of SB's. I now want to trade for SB's. I was aiming for someone who is not a star player but gets SB's like juan pierre. I have three outfielders who i would be willing to trade for pierre. Swisher, Cuddyer, and Fukudome. Should i trade any of these guys for pierre. If not who is another guy that isnt a superstar that I could get that would fill in the current stolen base void I have.

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    I wouldn't trade any of the guys you mentioned for Pierre. Pierre has the advantage of providing runs, and usually a decent average, but you didn't say anything about needs in those areas. If all you need in SBs, and you have space on your bench, or a scrub that you can drop, then look at the Giants, Marlins or Angels roster. Each of those teams look to play a lot of small ball this year, and will provide reasonable steal totals. Keep an eye on Velez from the Giants to see if he sticks around past the preseason. Also, someone like Willy Taveras is usually a free agent in my experience, and he's good for steals if he gets playing time.

    In your place, I would be shopping Fukudome. With most japanese players that haven't proven themselves at MLB levels already, there are usually at least a couple of managers that are willing to overpay bigtime for the potential (that is rarely achieved). If you can get someone who is willing to pay offer better than Pierre (i.e. Figgins or similar), then you'd be better off.

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