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Have you met the REAL Barack Obama? The one that sleeps at his senate post...?

Voting History

Statistic: Barack Obama missed 208 of 1171 votes (18%) since Jan 6, 2005 (Exceedingly Poor relative to peers).

Bill Sponsorship & Cosponsorship

Statistics: Barack Obama has sponsored 129 bills since Jan 4, 2005, of which 120 haven't made it out of committee (Poor) and 1 were successfully enacted (Average, relative to peers). Obama has co-sponsored 559 bills during the same time period (Average, relative to peers).

The only bills I could find that has been signed into law are:

Lugar-Obama Nonproliferation Legislation Signed into Law by the President

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Indeed, Obama was the primary sponsor of this legislation (S.2125) that passed Congress on December 8, 2006, and became law on December 22, 2006. In a June 25 column for The New York Times, Nicholas D. Kristof wrote that Obama was "among the few prominent American politicians who have focused on the war here [in the Congo]." (Africa again)


This is our Messiah??

Notice once again....

Laws FOR Africa....

It is always FOR AFRICA...

Where are the bills that benefit us at home??


His first commitment is to AFRICA along with his CHURCH....

What a dipS****

Update 2:

Can we save AFRICA????

YES WE CAN ! ! !

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    i live in the state that he was elected to represent: illinois. (one time i figured out that house reps and senators, based on the time they spend actually at their offices, should not get a salary, since they do not manage anyone, and, that their actual pay should be, with a 2 week vacation--they are out all summer--wages in the amount of about $38,000 a year. just think: before the Income Tax, reps & senators moved to DC, honored to sit in office. they would go home for lunch & dinner. they were not paid a dime, and at one time, nobody in office was get enough "bennies" in the future by affiliation with all those lobbyists, huh?). well, in reference to the supposed work he does for his state, yes, a state that i LIVE in, let me say that he does zilch, absolutely NOTHING.

    where was his senatorial voice a couple of weeks ago, when the county of cook's commissioner (one of the world's biggest cities and one of 3 largest cities in all of the USA, where i live, chicago (his residence worth 2.6 million which he bought for 1.3 million), is inside of the county of cook) passed on raising the STATE INCOME TAX from a ridiculously large rate of 8.75% to a whopping 10.25%--the highest tax in the entire country?!?

    i mean, if he is our senator, why did he not say one single word about our taxes??? i guess he is thinking more of africa and of giving 0.7 of our GDP to its poor countries when he becomes the president! but he sure is not in his office! he is too busy campaigning to go to his office.

    and he sure does not give a damn about his constituents, namely, me and everyone else that lives in this state, but particularly his own city and his own county--chicago, cook county, illinois.

    as well, he, the senator from illinois, has not said one word to protect us citizens of his city, chicago, from the tax-horder, mayor richard daley, who perpetually claims that he "doesn't know" when he is asked where all the money goes, and, he says, "i don't know" when he is asked even how his own son got a sewer contract from the city!

    as well, he, the senator from illinois, hasn't said diddly about waste in government spending when the governor of the state flies from its capital, springfield, to where his rezco-affiliated-real-estate licensee (not a Realtor that abides by the National Association of Realtors' Code of Ethics, which i have abided by faithfully since 1983) wife demands to live, in the city of chicago, almost daily, costing $5,000 of our taxpayer dollars ONE WAY!

    as well as he, the senator from illinois, does not raise his voice against mayor daley of chicago, who is putting up a SPIRAL building on the lakefront (who also wasted our money by building millenium park, which wasn't needed at all, out of the gracious and beautiful grant park of my entire youth and younger adult life), where daley keeps different trees planted so close together that their roots will intermingle locked in a cage, i guess, as some expression of modern art, or else as one of his "green" experiments that will, of course!, woo the olympics committee to hold the next olympic games here, yeah, sure, because of a stupid park that was not needed and paid for out of interest due to city workers, and, the spiral building on the lake (ooooooo!), which is in the place of a little airport named meigs once stood that served all the lawyers downtown when they had to fly to and from the capital, springfield, but which daley had torn down in the middle of one night, so no one would watch...

    as well as that the senator of illinois is not outraged that none of the city's, county's, and state's spending is accounted for publicly. is that what he will do if he is elected president? will he not be held accountable for the budget, which he will be empowered to control? or our fiscal spending?

    as well as that the senator of the state of illinois is in muck and mire now, and will be more so, when all the 200+ rezco trial witnesses begin to spill the beans, on him, too.

    one wonders where his mind is. one wonders where his loyalty is. one wonders why he has an office in the US or any senate or public office at all.

    vote ron paul, long a constitionalist, in congress. even write in, on your ballot, the name of the next president, ron paul. ron paul will see that we live by the constitution of the united states of america and its bill of rights (amendments to it).

    anyone that has read this, that still wants obama as our president, as lazy as he is, is entirely out of his mind.

    Source(s): i live in obama's state!
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    He recounted he might scale down taxes as a senator and not ever did. Same factor will occur if he will get elected President. Smoke and reflect crusade of Obama is fooling the fools. Wake up America!

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    Jack, you are absolutely correct in your assessment of Baracka Hussein Obama,Jr., the closet Muslim, duly endorsed by the racist, anti-semitic, terrorists, the New Black Panthers on 03-19-08. Hussein Obama has the worst voting record of all Democrats in the congress. Source:, and for updated facts on this stealthy, unqualified candidate. Obama's support of the racist, anti-American, and anti-semitic church, should be enough for any real American to reject him in the primaries, or in November. Obama is the 1st presidential candidate who refuses to honor our American flag. Obama is the gravest threat to our country and culture since World War II. Obama is a complete fraud.

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    HOW DARE YOU !!!!! You know NOTHING about obama !!! Forget all the little things. Ever hear the phrase " Don't sweat the small stuff " HUH ?!?!?!??..?....How do you feel now !! ..He HAS slept at his " Senate Post " !! by the way the Senate Post is a strip-joint in D.C.. This guy is transparent and if you think about the story when the King was naked and it took a child to see and say something. Those roles have reversed in our times.

    Source(s): Yes We Can Change Hope !!!!
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    Sickle Cell awareness MONTH? I'm still laughing.

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    Interesting post...I knew it! His agenda will benefit his homeland, Africa.

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    His problems will come back to haunt him.

  • i like your avatar

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    something tells me that you are a blonde

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    thanks for the info.

    Glad you asked

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