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Anonymous asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 decade ago

the thoughts are irritating me! how can i get over it & stop thinking about it so it won't ruin my s/b?

for s/b, i'm talking spring break.

okay, i'm excited, yay! but i'm worried that the thoughts of jake irritating me will ruin my break & whenever i'm extremely paraniod & irritated, anger triggers my action & aciddently hurt myself. and i always doze off at times argueing with him (not really happening)...he always starts things & picks on me, i've already went though him many times before & i'm not going through the same **** again just b/c of that motherbastard. during homeroom, i said "omg, lights were going off & on again this was so wierd" to my friend and then jake was like "GLORIA! nobody cares." and i was like "shut up, i wasn't talking to you." i know, i sound like a brat but i'm not, i'm just so fed up...and today cody was like..."gloria, why didn't u turn the machine off?" but i did & he told on me on the teacher for no reason & i told him that i really don't like him w/ an attitude b/c he threw rocks at my tummy for fun, wtf?

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    Sounds like he's obsessed with getting a reaction from you - just smile serenly, don't respond, and go your own way - it will wind him up more than anything and you will have the kudos of knowing you didn't sink to his level :-)

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